Never say never
Sitting on the toilet both kids in there with me one rolling the role of tp out while trying to balance standing then falls hits head on corner I'm now holding him while doing my business. While the other is splashing water in the sink every where while standing on the garbage can.
Play dates we go to have fun and get out of the house all for what feels like 2 minutes then my child pinches a kid for no reason. I embarrassed apologize to the parent of the child then leave. O I hate leaving cause it's like punishment for me! 
I can say I never said "my kids will never do that" but I can't say I never said " I hope my kids never do that" key word hope. Hope because its always a possibility. 
So bless you to the moms who come off to everyone else as perfect and usually always perfectly put together. The ones who's kid never tantrums or does anything wrong EVER! Sometimes this can easily happen when you have just the one child. But in no way am I saying all moms who have one small child are this way. Just a big handful. It's quite possibly because they can't quite say been there done that yet, so that's ok. There are moms this way who have 3,4,5+ kids and in that case they must be completely oblivious, or lying. KIDS ARE KIDS. They all go through stages at one point or another. so it'd be really nice if you dont give off the vibe to the normal (un perfect) majority of us that were terrible mothers and need to fix our child! were trying I PROMISE
Bless you to the moms who do have sympathy for those of us moms still learning as we go and who have been there done that! Your encouragement keeps us going. It is music to my ears when they tell me their experiences when they went through what I'm going through!
Being a mom is hard really hard but o so rewarding. I don't pee in peace. Get a lunch break. Have happy hour with co-workers. Whatever it may be. I am working all day. And on call every night! 
That moment your kid gets something and it clicks! I've never felt so proud. Waving bye bye for the first time, throwing a ball, catching a ball, riding a bike! Etc it is like warm fuzzies that feel great! 
All in all I just hope to  never say "my kid will never do that" because it can happen. 
So yay to you moms for having the most challenging and rewarding job there is. It's too bad people don't respect moms better! Happy day ;) 


Family pictures FINALLY

This summer we attempted to take our first "legit" family pictures at the beach. Well we had already been there a week. Where both our kids were sick pretty much the whole time. So my the end of the week they were done, therefore we didnt get that great of a turn out. SO my dad was in town a couple weeks ago and brought his nifty camera, and we got some fun ones. Here are a few! IT WAS SOO WINDY..

We started to just follow Truman's lead. Example he was climbing on the railing so we went over and stood by him and smiled :)

Life and MY BOYS/// Emmett 9 months.. Truman 2 years

I missed posting Emmetts 8 month, because life has been busy. Truman for one keeps me going going non stop. At nap time I couldve posted but I didnt so o well. We did the dirty dash, end of summer parties, visitors, etc. We bought our first house! (pictures to come soon) so therefore I have been trying to find my inner creative side to come up with ideas for decorating. I still have some blank walls I cant decide on. Thank you pinterest for overload on fab ideas. Otherwise we are just happy and healthy, and living our life day to day! But doing lots and having fun in between.

   You are not so much a baby anymore. You are still our baby. However, you love to follow Truman around the house and act like your as big as him. He sometimes can get a little rough but dont worry youll be big enough to wrestle with him soon enough. You guys carry on babababa conversations often and it is my favorite. Truman just thinks your so funny and will mimik you since you cant exactly speak as well as him. You love to be outside. If I bring you in and Truman is still out there you make sure to let me know thats not ok with you. You are one Happy baby always putting on a show with your sweet smile to anyone who gives you attention. We love you!
here are the 9 months stats. still tall and lean.
Height: 28.75 IN (66%)
Weight: 19.69 lbs (34%)

 ---Dear Truman. You are my firecracker. I know i already posted your pictures but I just want to write a little something. First of all you are the funniest, tender, spitfire, challenging child I know. You have started to pinch other kids. O boy it is a run for my money. It is so embarrassing to apologize constantly and every time we go to the park or play dates, for your pinching issue. You just blatantly will go up to other kids and grab their cheeks, therefore leaving claw marks/nail marks ;) also other times you mostly do it though because you havent quite figured out how to verbalize clearly and fast enough that you want what they are playing with or using. IE its their turn on the slide and you want to go down, but they are taking forever and not going. So obviously in your noggin pinching will solve it!! ahhh.. haha its funny but rough ( for all involved including me) I feel I have tried every way to discipline. I am still trying new tactics. I know you will grow out of it 'eventually" but till then ill keep trying until you get the clue.. wooo.. anyways. WE love you so much. thanks for making me laugh your so fun. I mean that. You love to turn on the piano and play the pre recorded songs and turn it up really loud and dance all around. You love helping me with anything I allow you to, feeding emmett, dishes etc. I love that you know what it means to get your shoes and put them on. I need to tackle potty training. dont you worry its coming soon..
We pushed your 2 year appointment until emmetts 9 month so we could do it as the same time. The doctor was shocked how much you had grown she made the assistant measure you again.
Here are you stats!
Height: 36.5 IN (85%)
Weight: 29.44 lbs (61%)


Emmett 7 months

As always I do a month by month of my baby! Mr Emmett.. I am a bit late. SO as it is close to be. ing almost time for his 8 months I should probably post his 7 month.
Well he is crawling EVERYWHERE.. he kinda has a funny crawl. He was doing the army crawl for a bit but now has crawling down. However he kinda does a mix between the bear crawl and traditional crawl. Its cute. I think its becuase it makes it a faster process to crawl then sit right down. He loves being able to be free in the bath now that he sits by himself. versus being in the baby tub. Him and Truman have fun.
He definitely is a lot faster than Truman EVER was it is seriously crazy to me. I think maybe its cause he sees Truman and wants to be there right with him so he picks it up faster? Who knows.
Well he is still tall and lean as ever, and has such a goofy smile and personality.



I cant even begin to explain how crazy life is with this hilarious, fun, spitfire child of mine. It is a hit and miss day everyday with him. We sort of have a love/hate relationship at times. Surely we end each day with love but wowzers he tests my patience. I feel like some days he has been in " time-out" a bit too much for his own good. Its a constant, no dont touch,stay out of the street, dont pinch, be nice, be soft etc. Every morning I wake up thinking ok what shall we do today to keep you busy. I dont like to turn on the tube even though that occupies his busy body pretty dang well so I use it as a last result. On the flip side he is a lot of FUN and keeps me busy. If only it made me super duper fit. ( aint nobody got time for that ) I have learned to sacrifice a lot to try and get back in shape. I love when Tyler gets home at night and we play as a little family. However to make myself feel better I go out at a couple nights a week to get some me time and beautify my body :) "work out"
I took Truman's 2 year old pictures just the simple ones. The same spot where I took his monthly shots until he was a year. I decided I will do it each year after that. Therefore I am NEVER getting rid of my Orange chair haha. Here are some. I now laugh thinking Yes little 2 year old please sit still and smile for the camera. ( AAHHAA YA RIGHT MOM ).. but i got 1!!!


At 1 year and at 2 years

He does this face when you ask him to do "the look" its quite funny. He will do it to random people anywhere, just cause he knows he will get a reaction, he likes to make them laugh. So when they dont laugh and say umm? or look at us weird  I have to explain hes not giving you a dirty look hes doing it to be funny haha!

Hey smile for the camera please. so he just did his thing.. 

We had a little party this was the invite!



So Mr EMMETT is 6 months. Yet thinks hes 8. Ok not really. However, everything has been happening so much earlier than it did for Truman. He is officially scooting and one determined boy. When he sees something he wants he goes for it. Lots of face plants. Its quite funny to watch. Before we know it he will be crawling like its no bodies business. YIKES! I am already non stop with older brother. So if you ever come to visit please do not look at the mess. Emmett has also found his two fingers. His pinkey and ring finger are the preference. It is was he uses to fall asleep, and self sooth, or just to suck. He will take a binkey for a second then spit it out. I dont know why those two fingers are his preference vs a thumb or something, its pretty funny
Emmett is a tall and lean boy that is for sure. He eats every 4 hours and sleeps 8:30 pm- about 8:00am! It took us a while to get there but we did it, now things are a bit more stable.
Height: 27 in ( 71 % )
Weight: 17 lbs ( 40 % )

Those two fingers

I like to see the difference between my two boys as Emmett grows, and how much they look alike. Here is Truman and Emmett at 6 months!
Truman on Left Emmett on Right


LOCKED OUT.... by my two year old

In our rental home the two extra bedrooms which are the boys rooms. The locks are switched around, basically so you can lock a person in their room.
I was on the phone with the paint company and needed to be able to hear well. Therefore I went into the closest room. Trumans. He naturally was crying thinking I had left or something and was playing the door knob trying to get in. Which in the task of doing so. HE LOCKED ME IN HIS ROOM.. I kind of panicked. My baby was out there crying alone with my two year old.
SO I called everyone I knew who lived close and NO ONE answered of course.
So I knocked out the screen and jumped out the window. I just want to add that it may seem like my house is on a main floor, ITS Not. its basically the 2nd floor. or can I say 1 1/2 .. beneath my jump was the window well of the basement so I also had to jump out far enough so I wouldnt fall in that. YAY!..
It was a long jump and I may or may not have torn my pect muscles, how embarrassing. It took a good two to three weeks to heal those. So my back over compensated for it and started hurting. All while trying to move and pack my house. Anyways, I got out and go my spare key and got in. The house wasnt too bad just a toothbrush and toilet paper roll in the toilet.


5 Months!

Emmett is busy. He is a lot more mobile than his brother was for sure. He is ahead of him by almost a month on everything which makes me nervous about him being an early walker. There are pros and cons to this. Truman loves to play with him on the ground for .5 seconds and is loving that Emmett is more aware and laughs at him. Soon they can wrestle and play together. In the mean time Emmett definitely holds his own when Truman sits on him or gives him hugs and his head is so heavy he can barely breathe. Its kind of funny to watch because Emmett doesnt really do anything no reaction. 
Emmett is Rolling rolling rolling everywhere. We will put him down in another room close by and next thing we know he is half in one room half in the other. Its fun! He is a happy baby and sleeping through the night like a champ. ( can i get a ya hoo! ) He smiles and coos at anyone who gives him attention. Id say the first 6 months is definitely the time it takes me to really get the swing of things with new baby. 
Happy 5 Months Emmett!



4 months

Our little guy is not so little anymore. According to the doctor he is tall and lean. Emmett rolled over officially on mothers day. He had rolled over before but then didnt do it again so I didnt count it, but on Mothers Day he kept doing it YAY! From back to belly that is. Then today he rolled from belly to back as well. He loves to see whats going on. His heart mur mur is gone which was music to my ears when the doctor told us. Yay Little Emmett is growing! We are going to start him on cereal in the next little while, ill try my best to remember to write about that experience.. We are loving having two kids its definitely keeping us on our toes. I am excited for more to come, but not anytime too soon..
Emmett's 4 month Stats:
Height: 26.5 inches ( 88% )
Weight: 15 lbs ( 53% )

 Mr Truman Photo-bomb 



Ok I feel like all I am posting about is FOOD! I do love to eat. I swear breastfeeding I am even more hungry than when I am pregnant. HA
I Told Tyler last weekend I wanted to make him Jambalaya. His response was NO i hate Jambalaya.
Me- you've never even had it.
Tyler- I know but I dont like it..
Me- what do you think it is.
Tyler- isnt it that stuff they make in Louisiana its almost like a soup thing with shrimp?
Me- umm no thats probably Gumbo that your thinking about.
Tyler- ya your probably right.
Me- Yes Tyler of course I am right ( i am always right ;)  )  jk

A girl that lives by me was telling me how she was going to make Jambalaya, but was waiting until her husband got home to help with the baby since its kind of a process. A process? I thought it just intelled a box of rice that says jambalaya and you add either chicken or sausage?. She was making it solely from scratch. ( you go girl ) I am sure itll be better though.
Anyways so here is what I am doing.
One box of this

Then I am adding some Chicken cut up!
The Mr says there should be a meet at every meal. Otherwise he feels like he doesn't get all that full? Whatever, if I am the one cooking sometimes there is meet and sometimes there isnt haha
Dinner is served most the time around these parts. If I dont make something the Mr will make mac n cheese or grilled cheese or? He can bbq too. But if i want a nice balanced meal I usually do it. I am glad that he understands me though if dinner is served its a big deal for me. HAHA Kids are a little bit demanding. However also if dinner is served, I dont do dishes. I HATE DISHES. Also that means that the house is probably upside down from my ever so spunky and curious toddler who roams while I cook. YAY!!

PS. Weight watcher doers 
1 cup prepared of the rice is 5 points
and 1/2 cup chicken cut up is 3points
MEAL= 7 points
throw in some veggies ( which are free ) good to go

weight watchers

To help make the process of loosing my baby weight, I have joined weight watchers. Some days are better than others but generally its not all that bad. Plus since I am breastfeeding I get double the amount of points I would get if I wasn't. Plus the extra points per week. Its great! Its still work though. My mom has been doing it too and we share our recipes and ideas for snacks. She sent me a healthier version of Empanadas. They're nothing like the authentic awesome fried goodness but theyre still a good "white washed" version of it haha. Here is the recipe.

Ingredients:8 oz. raw extra-lean ground beef  (4% fat or less)
1 cup finely chopped broccoli cole slaw
1/2 cup finely chopped green bell pepper
1/2 cup finely chopped onion
1 tsp. chopped garlic
2 tbsp. tomato paste
1 tbsp. finely chopped cilantro
1/4 tsp. cumin
1/4 tsp. chili powder
1/4 tsp. salt
1/8 tsp. black pepper
1 package Pillsbury Crescent Recipe Creations Seamless Dough Sheet
Optional toppings: salsa, fat-free sour cream

Directions:Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Spray a baking sheet with nonstick spray.

Bring a large skillet sprayed with nonstick spray to medium-high heat. Add beef, broccoli slaw, bell pepper, onion, and garlic. Cook and crumble for 6 - 8 minutes, until beef is fully cooked and veggies are slightly soft.

Transfer beef mixture to a large bowl. Add tomato paste, cilantro, cumin, chili powder, salt, and black pepper. Mix thoroughly.

Roll out dough into a large rectangle of even thickness. Cut sheet lengthwise into two even pieces. Cut each piece widthwise into thirds, leaving you with six rectangular pieces of dough. Thinly roll out each rectangle.

Arrange dough pieces with the shorter sides on the right and left. Evenly distribute beef mixture among the centers.

One piece of dough at a time, fold and stretch the lower left corner to meet the upper right corner. Press edges firmly to enclose the beef mixture. (Your empanadas will be super stuffed!) With a fork, press edges to crimp and seal. Carefully transfer to the baking sheet.

Bake until dough is golden brown, about 12 minutes. Enjoy!

Serving Size: 1 empanada (1/6th of recipe)
Calories: 187 Fat: 6.5g Sodium: 430mg Carbs: 20g Fiber: 1.5g Sugars: 4.5g Protein: 10.5g
PointsPlus® value 5* 

 I altered a few things. I didnt have cumin, and i dont know how to do chopped garlic stuff so i use garlic powder (same thing right) , I didnt have cilantro either, and I couldnt find the seamless crescent dough sheets. Therefore I just got the classic crescent rolls with the seems and put two triangles together to make a square, which meant I only got 4 Empanadas but thats ok. I hope you enjoy it if you try it. They're not to bad.
http://www.hungry-girl.com/ is where the recipe was found via my mom.


3 months...

Emmett, you are the sweetest little guy. We have definitely been less strict for sleep training you than we were with Truman but were getting there. I feel like were more sensitive this time I dont know why. I am holding onto your newborn stage as much as I can cause I am slowly seeing it go away. I love letting you fall asleep on my chest its the best. You are cooing and smiling a lot and we love it. We are so excited to get your first belly laugh but that will come soon enough. If we recorded the things we do just to try and get you laugh it would be quite the site. We love you lots. We are working on big brother not overly smothering you with love, its fun!


The "D" word

     Seriously it is the worst. I do weight watchers and it is amazing. I don't think it is really a diet though because I literally eat whatever I want. However, I just made 5 dozen cookies the other day, plus my mom sent a wonderful Easter package in the mail. The Easter package of course included.
Two packages with 6 in each.. ( one of these is 5 points)

These are just the best!

Therefore when it gets to be around 3:00 pm which is when I have the munchies and of course late at night after dinner. These guys stair me straight in the face plus the cookies! YIKES.. 
Fruit is "free points" as much as you want. Who wants to eat a Banana when you have awesomeness right in front of you. There is now just 5 cookies left. I gave some away. However as I sit here blogging to deter me from munching I am sitting here drinking as much water as possible and my little banana. I already had my diet coke that didnt help too much, and I am thinking I should just eat all 5 cookies then it wont be a problem anymore, they are ( 3 points each). Then the rest of the goodies ill hide away in a bag and save until this wonderful Easter weekend at the in laws. Then there I will splurge the whole weekend and enjoy all my chocolate and overly fill my stomach with homemade meals. My mother in law is an extremely good cook and I swear I gain ten pounds when we go there. I can choose to eat the goodies now but I am trying to be "good" through the week so I can completely enjoy my weekend. 
I dont like talking about the D word DIET because, seriously just enjoy life right? Dont diet, just be smart.
With my second baby I gained more while I was pregnant than with my first but thats ok. I am now back to my " pre pregnancy weight with my first" but my goal is to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight with my second. ( i was smaller before my second baby, than I was with my first) 
I feel blessed that breastfeeding helps shed the pounds right off. However this go around yes weights coming off SLOWLY but the baby jiggle is still present, that will take a bit more time. I am practicing patience with it. Baby is only 3 months almost so were ok..
I feel as though I cant possibly be the only one who gets munchie munch munch munch feelings too. right?


Every child is different

The phrase " every child is different is very true" I didnt really truly see it until I had my second child.
My first Truman really was the best baby. People would tell me all the time how lucky I was. I would just smile and nod but figured it was cause I followed the  BABYWISE METHOD. Which was/ is an awesome book. It helps train your baby to sleep through the night by 8 weeks.. about 10 hours then by 6 months to sleep 12 hours. Truman slept ten hours by 8 weeks no problem. He was the best. I am sure Heavenly Father gave me him first cause he knows if I had a hard baby first Id think twice about having another. Just kidding I would still have another regardless but itd be hard.
When people would tell me just wait till you have a second it wont be the same, I would just roll my eyes because I knew that cause of the routine I was doing via baby-wise was the reason why.
NOW I am totally eating my words or thoughts for that. Emmett my second baby. He is going to be 3 months on March 3. We have been letting him cry it out since he was 8 weeks because before that he would go maybe 3-4 hour stretches at night still. AHHH Truman at 6 weeks gave us 6-8 hour stretches. Emmett now will go about 6 and I let him cry it out and fall back asleep then once its been 8 if he wakes up I feed him. I can not wait ill the day that he will give me 10 hours. Which he should be able to do by now. I am hating all my friends that have babies who slept 10 hours at 2 months. I dont know if this go around we are more weak with letting him cry or what it is. Is it because we are nervous he will wake older brother? Maybe, but when he has cried it out at 2 am it hasnt woken him so? We have been a lot more weak at not letting him cry as long, and give him the binky. Emmett seems to just cry and cry and cry. It sometimes has been 2-3 hours. That is crazy. obviously its not full fledged screaming,its like whimper fall asleep for maybe 20 then whimper then cry etc, but come on kid whats the deal.
Emmett also is not a big eater like Truman. Truman was a perfect nurser. those first weeks were rough getting it down and it was frustrating he would only do one side. Then at about 2 months he was a solid ten on each side. Not Mr. Emmett, he will do 5 minutes sometimes just on one side. then sometimes 5 on one side and maybe 2 on the other. He isnt falling asleep or anything, he just pulls of and stairs up at me and purses his lips shut. TMI but i even slighlty smack him with by breast and he could care less. lol Truman would suck all day long if I would have let him. Maybe thats why Emmett isnt as good at night. He doesnt eat enough during the day? However he is gaining weight just fine so?
Well thats that. If you have any pointers for me getting baby Emmett to sleep longer, and eat more, please do share. oy vey being a mom can be hard, but the tender moments make up for all of it!
( I am sorry if this post is scitter scatterd, I am just writing all my thoughts out there)

A vacation!

Tyler and I are so ready for a BIG vacation. Yes we have done little mini-moons here and there, but never really anything big. Mini-moons are the best. I think  know they are the best to keep your spark alive. Even if its just for one night in your own city, its still fun to go on a little adventure with each other. Re-live the honeymoon type thing. We've been to places close by, Newport, Lake Powell, San Francisco, Park City etc. which have been so wonderful, but were ready to go a little farther.

I wont lie it was frustrating watching all these young couples just like us go to Africa, on Cruises, South America, Europe, whatever it may be. Everyone's lives and circumstances are all different when they first get married. Some people get married and have a house right off the bat and dont have to really worry about a budget. That was not the case for us.

Let me just share a glimpse. Tyler had been home from his mission for 6 months, I had been in school for 2 years. I thought I had saved a lot, but little did I know what was going to come at me hard. Well I became the supporter to put Ty through school, he worked part time too but I was the full time bread winner. That was hard since I had never worked full time in my life! Also I may mention I was making $9 an hour people, i eventually got bumped up to $10, but supporting 2 of us, plus rent, a car payment, a ring payment, and bills. Therefore my savings went out the door real fast. When single people say they cant afford to move out of their parents house, I die laughing at them inside, if I can do it supporting two of us you sure can do it alone. It was a very hard adjustment for me, and marriage in itself is a hard adjustment too. Just the little things of sharing everything really and the way you do things.
- i like the toilet paper "wrong" ( in my case it is wrong to many) but i like it to roll in the back, he likes it to roll forward--now we have a toddler who will take the end and run with it in hand pulling the whole role out. so if you come to our house you will not see toilet paper on the dispenser thing it is sitting on the counter ( totally tacky but im over it)
-toothpaste squeezing we both dont care either way but i know some have said they hate middle squeezers vs squeezing from the end
-the dishes I hate dishes anyway but loading them, i put the forks and knives down he puts them up.. -- we both dont really care though at least the dishes are getting done
- laundry the towels are washed alone by themselves -- he puts a few with a load of clothes.
-i hate soap it makes my skin dry and i use body wash-- he loves soap
-- ok got the point, i am trying to think of other little things out there but its whatever. Marriage is the best. You learn a lot I feel that first year. At least for me I did. Being cut off cold turkey was hard but the Best thing for me .
I love being independent.

Now that I have rambled back to the main topic. We are Planning a Big trip for just the two of us. NO KIDS of course. We debated many different things. We decided on the newest Cruise through Royal Caribbean. Its called Oasis of the Seas. It goes to two Virgin Islands and the Bahamas. We are stoked. Now It is a bit more pricey than other cruises but thats because it has all the bells and whistles. We have told whoever wants to come, to come along with us, but most have told us its not worth the cost. To us its still worth it Why?
To go to New York City for a week.. The cost it is for us to do the cruise for a week compared to the cost of everything to do and stay in NYC would put us in hotel room in the heart of NYC in a safe area for the week. That doesn't include our food, Broadway shows, SHOPPING, entertainment, transportation etc. Yes we could stay outside of time square, and take the subways into the city. If your unaware though staying in the heart of the city in a descent place is about $400 a night. I wouldn't care to go to NYC for a week anyways, maybe a couple of days. I am just putting the point out there. That a cruise is the way to go.
Yes yes we know about all the horrific things that have been going on with the cruise ships, which have been Carnival ships, but that is not deterring us from going.
We decided about every 5 years we will do something a bit bigger. We cant just wait until we're older and our kids are out of the house to enjoy. We have to live while were young too. Obviously we will also go on our little family trips too, I just mean for the two of us.
I dont want to feel as if I am bragging, which I hate hate hate. It is a huge pet peeve of mine. I think its inconsiderate. However I do think that a blog is a nice place to write about ones life, experiences, thoughts, etc. If you choose to read blogs its your choice and cant take offense of what people are saying and doing with they're lives that they are writing about. It is basically a journal that anyone can read. I love reading about other peoples lives, I learn a lot from others experiences. The detailed blogs are my favorite. So here's to you, my lovely followers and readers. I am going to try and start posting more. My mind is a wondering place and scattered so I will try to get better and nailing down things to write. It is therapeutic!
(if you want to join us on our cruise let me know)!!! I think itd be fun.


The months just fly by...

Emmett is 2 months! It has been a long winter but it has made time fly by for this kid. He is a pretty calm baby and I am grateful for that. I havent been as "strict" with him as I was with Truman. I think its because I am nervous if he cries for too long or too loud he will wake up Truman at night. We are getting better. It is good to let the baby cry people, sometimes they need it. Obviously everyone does parenting their own way though. I know i should post more and I always am thinking of things I want to write about just because its on my mind and what not, but I dont. O well.
Well babies are in the 25%-50% percentiles for their check up so thats great!
Emmett is definitely his own person. Every baby is different 100% .. He smiles at us often and it is the best feeling in the world. Tyler trys to get him to laugh, so i then laugh because thats not for another month or 2 or 3 lol.. But its still fun to watch cause he just grunts n smiles. We've had him in his own room since day 1. i have squeaky babies. They sound like little dolphins to me. grunting to clear their throats or squirming to settle themselves into a deeper sleep whatever it is. I love watching Emmett grow and take everything around him in. I always wonder what is going through his little mind. I am sure when he's sees Truman He thinks " o no not him again" haha Truman loves him a little too much. Were working on him not smothering him with so much of his love.

2 month Stats:
Weight: 12 lbs 4 0z
Height: 23 inches


Truman has lots and LOTS of energy. He started nursery and the first time it was a fail. Now he goes and doesnt care. It may depend on who is in there that day but still. I wouldnt know, cause I havent gone to church yet. Were playing it safe with little brother.
Truman loves to play with balls and cars, and if you turn on some music he'll dance for you its quite the show. Not to sure how we feel about it but he was introduced to Barney (by grandma), we have one dvd and even though i loved it as a kid, and still remember the songs. The one dvd is killin us. We need another, why because he says marney marney (barney) and grabs the dvd case. Otherwise its daniel tigers neighborhood which is (mr rogers music and stories but its now a cartoon) its cute. or baby einstein. or whatever is on pbs.. However not too much of the tube just try to keep it to under an hour or so a day. I say TRY because it is very nice entertainment while im helping #2
 When its too cold to go out which it has been forever I play pass back with him and make him run down the hall and back to get his energy out. He's a pretty happy kid. He has been getting the rest of all his teeth in though since January, Mullers and such. Therefore he is a little edgy and fussy. Thanks kid perfect timing with a newborn and all. He also is talking a lot more but gets frustrated which turns into whining when he cant communicate what he wants, its awesome ;) He knows how to sign, more, please and thank you. So those words we've been working on him actually saying as well as signing. This is kid makes me laugh everyday, I am excited for Emmett to be a little older so they can play together, for now I love my newborn and my toddler just the way they are.
-- apparently at trumans 15 month appointment they were a little worried about his weight since he was below the 20%  I had no idea until the doctor said today O good he is gaining weight and is perfectly average now. Last time I wrote a note to keep an eye on that. --who would have thought, I thought he always was my perfect little chunker.. The Percentages must have changed over the years since America is becoming more and more obese.

19 month stats:
Weight: 26 lbs
Height: 32 in



Emmett is one month today! yay.. Were are adjusting well around here. I feel like the first month is a bit rough cause of how fragile newborns are and everything. We are on a pretty good schedule so that helps a lot. January was rough to be honest, adjusting, not really seeing the sun AT ALL and healing from postpartum and healing from giving birth.. But its all great were doing better.
Emmett is gaining weight great and Truman loves him so much, a bit too much, I'd rather have that than him resenting him. I love my boys.. I am going to do the month by month just like I did with Truman. I think its fun to see how much they grow!


TRUMAN                                                                                       EMMETT

We have heard how much they look like each other! Of oh Emmett is Truman Jr... I think maybe a little. They definitely look like themselves.. But Truman seems to be a lot MORE chunky, look at that noggin haha.. LOVE THEM


A Father

I cant even begin to share how grateful I am for Tyler, and the amazing husband he is to me and father he is to our two little boys. He works very hard, sometimes longer hours a week than I'd prefer but that is ok. I am very grateful I dont HAVE to work and can stay home with our kids and be a mom. Which by the way is one of the hardest jobs. If you dont know try it you'll see.. However it is so FUN and totally worth it, I love it. I learn a lot. I am grateful Tyler is able to provide and portray what this video shows.
I am also grateful for my Heavenly Father. He has always been there to listen to anything I need to let go of and get off my mind. Even the things I dont want to talk to people about he is always there. Prayer is an amazing thing.
My earthly Father. Tim as he calls himself is a hoot. He cracks me up and I love talking to him. We are pretty close I would say. I am grateful he did the same for me as this video portrays. I never had a worry or thought about the little things like having food on the table. Now that I am a parent I understand and it makes me appreciate that much more.
This video I love and just wanted to share it. Fathers are amazing!


My Baby Essentials

Obviously Not an expert over here. But like many of you have done, I'd like to also share the things that I love to have I find a lot of my stuff at Target, babies r us, Walmart etc.

1. lasinoh breastpads. These guys are the best I have never leaked with them, even when my milk first initially comes in which is like ( porn star) status its awesome but horrible at the same time lol.. I feel like a human cow haha

2. aden and anais swaddle blankets: These are awesome, i feel i can wrap up my baby the tightest in these.

3. swaddle me blankets: they velcro and are so easy to use. I like them when the baby is maybe 2+ months? quick and easy.

4. electric snot sucker: I didnt have one of these with truman. I just used the bulbs you get at the hospital.. Which is you use those too much it can actually cause more build up because it makes them flare up even more cause the buld is skinnier and can go further back. This electric gem avoids that but definitely does the trick..

5. Lasnioh Wipes: I know this is random. I only use this for a spits bath. Since baby doesnt need a fully emersed bath every day or get to have one until umbilical cord falls off when they are young. Someone told me about these. To use them to wipe them down and it smells delightful. Otherwise i use any type of wipes for little bums just these specific ones to wipe the smell of spit up away etc.

6. Cloth diaper as burp cloths: these are the best and most absorbent I feel like. yes they are just plain white but sew on a cute ribbon or cute piece of fabric and tada!! cute..

7. space saver high chair: if you are like us we live or have lived, will be living in a rental while in school still. therefore there is not much space usually. Which is why we got one of these to save us some space. Yes it takes up a chair but when baby isnt using it it just slides righ tunder the table with the rest of the chairs. we like it!

8. boppy.. makes breastfeeding a breeze! 

I am thinking of many things but these are all what pop in my head right now, so they must be my top favs? I hope it helps if needed!