its one thing

So its one thing.. I have a lot of thoughts up in this crazy mind of mind. I decided to write them all down. They are my thoughts and opinions and some straight hard facts about people,places, things etc. So read this if youd like if not its okay cause its almost theraputic to me.

The other day I read that someone has over 3+ journals that she writes in. WHAT a great idea. I say 3+ cause I cant remember the exact number. I remember in high school at girls camp we made journals. I made 2, one was specifically my spirtual feelings and thoughts. The other was drama, and the drama one i named boy journal. I wrote in it everything that would happen dealing with boys, probably more dedicated to tyler but mostly drama with girls and boys. Now it is HHAAALARIOUS to look back on. Therefore kendra oakden is my inspiration to start writing in journals again, I dont know if i will be like her and have 3+ but thats ok its worth a shot. I sitll have one from el salvador and in it i also have prior stories before ty and i got engaged and when we got engaged then I havent written in it for i guesss 2 years.. i need to catch up. I think i might type all of everything to catch up cause its faster even though hand writing is more unique and special.

Tyler and I just had our 3 years anniversary CRAZY.. and we have a kid wow I remember when we first kissed in front of the Briggs home. haha what a great memory. we went to the melting pot for dinner. not really aware of how much we were in for price wise. and after we learned we could have probably eaten at ruth's chris for cheaper. its ok it was a great experience. dessert of course was the best.

So its one thing (the title of my blog) because its whats been on my mind. It is one thing to brag about your children but then there is excessive bragging that just gets out of hand. Those people that are the excessivers <-- -is that even a word? they just drive me nuts (as my mom would say batty) anyway ya. I mean yes the great accomplishments your children make are great to hear about but when you keep going its just not polite
.     Did you know that it is NOT proper etiquite to always boast about the newest latest.. shoes,tv,$680000 car, etc that you got. It is known to be looked at as not polite. its just straight boasting and almost erragont. yes we all do it though.. I try to catch ourselves (tyler and I) before it happens. The polite thing to do is not say anything and if people notice great if they dont then they dont.. but please people DONT RUB IT IN other peoples faces. However yes of course if you land a new job or new house whatever it may be.. then yes.. and IF people ask whats new then sure..and of course blogging you put on there what you choose to its your blog you do whatever you want with it and people love to follow your lives and read about it soo BOAST about whatever whenever you want.... PLEASE dont make it the head of a conversation topic. IE: girl/dude i got these sick new shoes,tv,glasses,shirt.. whatever it may be BECAUSE.. like really how is one on the recieveing end supposed to respond to that? of course they'll be nice and say cool! but you never know if it can make them down/sad cause maybe they cant have new cool things like that too or they dont like your newest latest thing. Also, theres those who straight tell you they dont like whatever the thing may be. Thats their opinion yes BUT its rude that they just tell you straight up even if you didnt ask them, even if you did they should still lie unless you completely honestly ask for the dirty honest truth. IT's like when you know a child/baby is (not that cute) you still tell the parents they have a cute child..Your not going to say wow he looks...

COMPARING: who knew this would ever be a topic in my life. but honestly in the newest world i am in of kids there is like a "keeping up with jones CHILD" its RIDICULOUS.. I found myself starting to worry about tru like O my gosh hes not doing this yet hes not doing that yet. it was making me soo frustrated then i took a step back. are the people who are comparing doing it to make up for something that is wrong with their child.? or to make themselves feel better about themself? and even if there is something wrong no body cares or is going to judge you or look at them or you differently. SOO therefore If my child is NOT walking at 9-10 months its really ok because MOST kids I know start walking at 12 sometimes even up to 14 months. so if truman decides to not walk until he is even 2 or even at all its ok...at least he is happy and healthy. Also Every child is different just like every adult is different so why do people compare I have no idea. But I am puting a stop to it well i cant do it everywhere.BUT it will NOT happen in this family. Anytime someone asks or says "o he isnt doint that yet, wow! my child was doin that at his age i wonder why he isnt yet"? ahhhhhh! ill just simply direct the conversation elsewhere. and politely remind them every child is different..

David archileta is going to be serving an LDS full time mission. I assume HE has to stick to it now since he announced it at a concert on his tour, when he was in salt lake. so thats cool. My cousing would love to marry him when he returns, thatd be neet.

My DAD aka mcdreamy? yes mcdreamy haha that could come off weird/wierd? (i thought the rule was i before E except after C?wow i cant spell) since hes my dad.. however do you know this man

YAAA thats right! my dad.. DR.Tim Hansen is the new Chief of  the medical staff at Valley Childrens Hospital.. pictured with my mom Bev below! Anyway I am so proud of him..

ANYWAY. I realize this is by far the longest most random blog I have ever done. But it felt good to get everything off my mind written down. Also May I just say I love the Hollidays and the christmas season. This year we are spending it with the Hardy family for the first time and I am excited. It will be a new adeventure to see what its like with a different family yay! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy new year. For those of you who read this thank you for not judging!


4 months

You are no longer an Infant, and starting to be a baby. The kind that Hollywood makes you think your supposed to have right out of the womb. I must say I am loving it. You talk to us everyday with so much excitement and bring joy to your dad and I. You laugh and it makes your dad and I laugh too. How did we ever get along with out you here. Last night you decided what people have told us you'd do around this age, you woke up in the middle of the night laughed and talked to yourself, then fell back asleep. 
You are the greatest Truman. You know momma loves her sleep and you give her that blessing of sleeping 10 to 11 hours every night. 10:00 pm to about 9:00 am.
Your kinda short but that's ok you'll grow. 
Height: 24 inches (25-30%)
Weight: 15 lbs 2 ounces (50%)
your our little squishy round butter ball..love you keep it up!

our little fishy..thanksgiving..

When my family came to town we got together with my moms side and went swimming. It was Tru's first time. He loved it. I think it more relaxed him rather than hyped him up. Can a 4 month old really get that hyped up anyway. Thanksgiving was nice. We played in a turkey bowl in the morning, ate some food,took a nap,and went to see the lights at temple square. Also we met up with the amazing Oakdens. They are so cute and hilarious you cant not smile when your around them.

pooped in grandma Bevs arms after swimming

early Christmas present 
the Oakdens
nap with Uncle Parker
My Favorites 

A name and a blessing

On November 20, 2011 Truman James Hardy Received his name and a blessing. It was wonderful. It was crazy to think that my own husband and child were participating in the opportunity. I have watched and listened to many before in my life but never imagined what it would be like as a parent. Lots of family came and showed their support it was a beautiful cold day.


Cousin Luke was an awesome helper!