It is by the far the weirdest feeling.
When all you have known for almost a year is having someone be dependent on you for literally EVERYTHING. I have not had a night without Truman ever since he was born. Last night was the first night and i still felt the need to "check on him" before i retired to my own bed. It was crazy seeing an empty crib with a blanket and binky in there with no kid to snuggle it all up.
When I waved goodbye to my love and went into my house, I didnt know what to do with myself. Since Tyler was at work, I couldn't just sit inside all day. So I got my iPod and did what i loved to do as an independent sole. I went to the pool and laid out for a good couple of hours until my battery ran low. It was blissful to sip on a drink and close my eyes with not a worry.
HOWEVER, while i was trying to just relax and be stress free i was still super nervous about everything about letting my child go away without me for a whole week. The drive home to Fresno for Truman with My mom and brother Sterling. I kept telling them. DO NOT forget him in the car, feed him, change him. etc. DRIVE SAFE dont crash. Ha so I had to restrain myself from wanting to call them 24/7. When the life flight from the University of Utah hospital would fly out and come back in it also didnt help much. (we live barely a mile from the U) Well they are almost to Fresno now so that is good, and apparently has been an angel child. Props to me for being an awesome mom right in training my kid? OR he is just awesome, your welcome mother and sterling.
Once Tyler got home we watched some trash t.v. then went on a bike ride. We just bought some new road bikes well i got a hybrid but almost a road bike right? It is definitely a work out on the trail we live on. It is all  hill in our neck of the woods. But thankfully there is at least a decline and the end of inclines right. We have been a couple times but this time went the furthest we have ever been. If you know Utah at all. We went to the Overpass bridge that goes over the i-80 east heading up to park city. I seriously was panting the WHOLE time there and back haha. It was quite the sight but it was a beautiful view? I wish I could keep getting better but that'll have to wait until spring comes around. Once it starts getting colder I am out, and other reasons. ;)
We are excited to go on our getaway vacation starting Friday then off to Fresno. Until Friday we dont have much planned. If you have any fun ideas for us to do kidless send them our way.


11 months!

I can NOT believe this kid is almost a year old. We will be in California for his first birthday and I am so excited.  The week before we go home Grandma and Grandpa Hansen will be in Utah so when they leave they are just taking Truman home with them. I am not going to know what to do with myself for a whole WEEK! ahh. But it will be nice at the same time. You better believe I will be enjoying the pool and a good book.
So not sure if you can tell in this months picture but there is a band-aid on his head.He has a new growth, which at first we thought was a mole or a zit. Then when we were playing it burst open and bled everywhere. with it being on his head that meant excess bleeding. Well its a hemangioma <-- spelling but they show up in kids until their about 2 years old. they grow then get small and go away? so we keep a band-aid on it since it keeps opening. Here is this months picture!
I thought these two were both quite entertaining he is a busy body for sure!


4th of July

For the 4th of July we wish we could live our 4th like we used to of.. ward breakfast hopping, swimming in a friend/family pool, bbq's, and fireworks. So we did it UTArd style haha! but seriously it was fun though. WE woke up and went straight to the waterpark right when it opened. It got packed real fast. Due to Utah being on fire, fireworks were banned in a lot of places. and particularly in neighborhoods on the east benches of the mountains which is where we live. That night we went to Thanksgiving point with a group of people, and played some ball, listened to lie music and ate good food and lots of it!
From our house we can see the whole valley, it would have been cool to watch from there all the fireworks of the valley. BUT who doesnt love up close fireworks that look like they are taking up the whole sky in front of your eyes O MY! haha.. We got home at 11:30 thats late for us. Truman hated us for waking him up to put him in hid crib ha. Tyler thought he'd been hit by a train when 6:30 am rolled around to wake up for work the next day.
I thought for sure Truman would be screaming from the booms and noises of the fireworks but he loved it! loved all the lights and colors. I mean the kid screams/cries when we open a trash bag? so you never know. haha Here are some pictures from the 4th. most are candids of everyone.

I love this man! Isn't he the most handsome man ever?

The Family 

Ragnar and swimming

Tyler's work needed another person last minute to run Ragnar. He willingly volunteered two weeks before the race! He is a rock star and started training as much as he could in a 2 week period. May i remind you that in this family we play sports but we DO NOT long distance run. whatever! well this amazing man did great and even ran a 4th leg due to an injury of a guy on his team. Good job Ty! Tyler was so dead after it was all done going on about 2 hours of sleep.

the last leg the team running into the finish line

Truman and I waiting for them to come!

 We have a baby pool and Truman loves it. This is his first encounter of taking a dip in it. This kid loves anything water!