Our little man!

Its starting to actually feel real and not just like playing house..I cant believe I am a parent. Its a definite learning experience for all but well worth it! I love it. My brother Parker asked sooo what do you do all day whit? I laughed and said take care of the little man, my days fly by. Here are some pictures of the little guy hes 3 weeks!..
Truman James Hardy
August 7,2011
7 lbs 14 ounces


..a new chapter..

Right now I am soo lazy for some reason to update my blog ha! However here I am writing away. So this is going to be long....and have many pictures... For starters.

We went to Disneyland, and Newport beach for my brother Lyndon's wedding.
When i found out we would be doing this back around the same time I found out I was pregnant I was so nervous I wouldn't be able to go. Since I would be 36 weeks pregnant. Well I made it, and its probably because I told my doctor "um I am going" I don't care if I deliver the baby in Disneyland I am not missing out on this. Although I couldn't ride all the rides I still had a blast, I rented a put put and that was soo nice.. exits? i think yes..Pretty sure that all the dancing, boogie boarding, and moving around so much got the little guy moving his way to be born.

..disneyland..36 weeks..

..the lovers..
..we all look SOO happy..
..The family..

A week after we were back Tylers brother Greg and his wife Mandy had extra tickets to Tim Mcgraw so we went with them. It was a great concert. I was 37 weeks or 8 months and 1 week pregnant. The day before I had been having contractions, or what i thought were contractions and some people said they probably were and some told me they were just braxton hicks. I didnt know exactly what "contractions" are.. I was told "i WOULD KNOW" when i was having them.
..Tim Mcgraw..
Tyler overly excited for the concert.. haha
37 week belly shot/ 7 hours before I went into Labor, Thank you Tim Mcgraw our little guy must be a country boy
So I wasnt sure if i was in "true labor" or not...when we got to the hospital my awesome nurse Laquisha said "dam girl how are you even standing there talking to me, I was dialated to an 8 and 100% effaced..and they were about 3-4 minutes apart
pre epidural
after the epidural
He's here a whole 7 lbs 14 ounces and 3 weeks early thank you for coming early little guy if he would have come on his due date he probably would have weight almost 9 lbs ahh!

..going home.. ..Parker and his shoe..

..the little guy.. Truman..

sooo.. I feel I was definitely prepared for labor from everyone's stories about their labor. Mine was a whopping 4 hours, which i am told is great!.. this is very true except for the fact that 2 1/2 of those 4 hours were spent in my bed at home in pain wondering.. if it was real labor.. ha when it got way bad I wasnt very pleasant to be around, once I got my drugs i was so happy and chattin it up.
I was thinking, woman get all the advice about labor and pregnancy they need, sometimes way more than wanted. But I never got advice for the aftermath.. I would rather go through 10 labors "with medicine" than go through the "healing process" and postpartum. I am starting to feel better day by day. But wow bring on the achiness,soreness, tiredness, crying, and anxiety. Breastfeeding, is a work in progress and I didnt know I would feel all these emotions alongside of everything.. I am told every baby is different. But being the life support for someone is overwhelming until it sets in and your used to it and you and the baby figure things out.. how long do i do on each side, do i even do each side? how do i know hes getting enough, is he getting to much, what about when he spits up a TON, what about the fact that his nights and days are switched, a routine, how long will this take to get him on one do i want him on one? when do i start tummy time? when is a good time to take him to church? haha.. many other thoughts run through my head. all i know is to stay patient of course. but wow no one warned me about all these crazy emotions that swarm in.. Any advice from you moms out there!?

Things are going just dandy over here...being a mom is wonderful its weird calling myself mom and Tyler dad.. haha.. I am excited about starting this new chapter of our lives..



So this past week we went to California for my older brothers wedding it was a blast! Yes even at 36 weeks pregnant. I still boogie boarded, attended Disneyland, and flew in an airplane. I loved it! Pictures will come soon, I am too lazy to upload them right now but wanted to write whats been going through this crazy mind of mine.

I was thinking the other day, jeez I cant believe My brother is married. I am no longer the only married person in the family! Even more crazy I CANT BELIEVE I AM PREGNANT.. Its still so unreal to me. I feel I have been blessed with quite the easy pregnancy. I was laying some clothes out the other day for the little guy that'll be here in less than 3 weeks, and it hit me like wild fire. AM I seriously having a child. I just feel like I have a big belly is all and it just randomly squirms and wiggles. I am nervous anxious excited, all the above. Any advice, please shoot it my way.