Second Kid Hospital/Husband

Ok Friends who have had a child a second go around how did it work what did you do for the whole process?

I have been playing many scenarios in my head of what is going to happen. The worst case scenario is A. It a blizzard Christmas morning and I go into labor ( i DO NOT WANT A CHRISTMAS BABY) . B. who is going to want to come get Truman? C. Its a blizzard like I mentioned so itll take a while for anyone to come. and I am not about to sit and wait when I am in full fledged labor. I go quickly last time it was about a 5 hour labor and I am told with each one its faster? ahh! I like my epidural yes please, and I would probably be panicking waiting around for someone to get to my house to watch Truman lol
This is where you experienced moms come in to calm my soul of what is the easiest and best way that makes sense for the process. Here are the questions to make it easier, if youd love to respond thatd be great! Just for the record I am not that stressed I just want to have it figured out in my mind before its last minute and I have to replay the scenario above because it comes early or something..
1. what do you do with child #1 when you go into labor? --stupid ? probably..
2. when does child #1 come to visit you at the hospital? -stupid ? i realize but ya?
3. does child #1 stay with someone the whole time your staying at the hospital OR does dad go home at nights to stay with child #1 and then someone watches him during the day so dad can be with you at the hospital during the day? 
4. I dont really know what would be best so you should tell me your experiences and how you worked it all out.
My mom and mother in law both dont live here. However they will be coming to help once baby comes but that doesnt mean theyll be here when I am in labor. I never know when ill deliver
THANK YOU THANK YOU IF YOU DECIDE TO RESPOND.. haha its very helpful. Thanks for following our blog too! LOVES


2 kids here we come!

I dont even know where to begin to write about all the crazy things that run thgouh my head day to day. OR at night ha pregnancy dreams are nuts. (shout out to kendra oakden. she writes amazingly i wish i could write  as clear as her but Kendra boy do our minds think the same ) it reminds me of a youtube video of mens brains vs. womens  and how they are wired. women are a million different wires men are boxes. It is quite interesting. Ok back on topic.

I am getting very excited about having another snuggle bug. First go around was all new of course and honestly I think/thought that newborns are so ugly every single one of them yes sad. Now I think they're just so precious and i just want to snuggle all of them o so cute.

Mother of 2 children any opinions or advice please send my way!!!

We FINALLY got Truman a forward facing seat he tried it out for the first time today and was confused but so excited it was pretty epic. We weren't really in a hurry to get him into one but, Costco had a deal so we got it! I cant believe some car seats are nearly $400.00 thats nuts. So when we removed the infant base and car seat I brought it in and got it all prepped for baby boy #2. Bundle me cover and all since its going to be most likely a blizzard when he comes. "we'll get on that in a bit" . But this brings me to question all mothers or parents out there who have moved from 1 to 2 kids or have been in the 2 kids situation before.

When it comes to putting two kids in the car I think jeez this is going to be a ig adjustment i mean getting used to hauling one kid into places was so annoying at first because I was used to just me going in and out. Thank goodness it got easier and now its just how it is, its what I do and NO BIG DEAL. However I am sure 2 kids get easier but I raise the question.

Where is it easiest to put the kids in their car seats. We had the single infant seat in the middle always. But now with two what to do? what is easiest please let me know.
 I am thinking both kids on each ends and no one in the middle. I can only imagine if/when we have 3 kiddos putting them all in their little seats across the back, can you squish fest! Possibly we will graduate to a mini van? ahh im anti mini van but have you been in those things they're so spacious and have all the bells and whistles.
Anyway help me out people itd be greatly appreciated on you r opinions.

Double stroller:
What do you recommend?
I feel side by side when i have pushed them I cant go in a store because of how wide it is but I love the 3 wheel. Front to back seems more reliable, but how am i to know? so please comment


Just US

We FINALLY got some family pictures. In them I am pregnant so we did the best we could to try and hide the little pooch at the time which is now a bump but during pictures it was that awkward stage of a gut haha.
Ty and I have a hard time being serious for pictures and the photographer caught some pretty good ones of just how we are. Especially when trying to pose serious for a pregnancy picture ha it didnt go to well.. There were also some good ones though. We took two sets one with the Hansen side and one with the Hardy side.

Hansen Side Pictures:

I love that Lyndon hopped in on it.. Love him

Hardy Family: