Emmett 7 months

As always I do a month by month of my baby! Mr Emmett.. I am a bit late. SO as it is close to be. ing almost time for his 8 months I should probably post his 7 month.
Well he is crawling EVERYWHERE.. he kinda has a funny crawl. He was doing the army crawl for a bit but now has crawling down. However he kinda does a mix between the bear crawl and traditional crawl. Its cute. I think its becuase it makes it a faster process to crawl then sit right down. He loves being able to be free in the bath now that he sits by himself. versus being in the baby tub. Him and Truman have fun.
He definitely is a lot faster than Truman EVER was it is seriously crazy to me. I think maybe its cause he sees Truman and wants to be there right with him so he picks it up faster? Who knows.
Well he is still tall and lean as ever, and has such a goofy smile and personality.

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