just our luck

More recently..
   When Tyler and I have gone out to eat there is something that keeps happening to us. Something goes wrong. 
-- olive garden they told as 20 minutes, ok great an hour later we go up and they tell us they are so sorry they forgot about us!!? WHAT.. but then we just sat at the bar so no big. 
--at pier 39 pizza we wanted to try it out.. were trying to find a pizza place in Utah that is equal to or better than Me-N-Eds no luck yet. Its the crispy thin pizza style so if you know of any places TELL ME... anyways we put our order in they told us 20 minutes but that theyd bring out our salad right away. After 30 minutes No salad no pizza. We then proceed to ask and.. Yes what happened They forgot to put out order in.. so we got free bread-sticks. 
--at Wingers the waitress spilt both mine and Tyler's waters all over us literally we were soaked and Truman got wet to. ALSO the glasses broke, therefore we had to move tables. She just said sorry. I thought for sure she'd give us our asphalt pie for free or something.. NOPE.. (maybe i should have said something) 
--last night we went to Scheels mostly to walk around but then decided to have dinner there..  We ordered our food at the line then they'd bring it to us when it was ready. We sat down watched people come in after us and get their food before us. I told Tyler jokingly I think they forgot about us.. So Tyler goes up and sure enough they had forgotten about us.. 
either we are not memorable people, we are not supposed to eat out i have no idea. Is there something we are missing. 
--Now Tyler has calmed me down since being married to him. I used to get all crazy lady on you and tell you how it is and demand either a refund or something for free.. in a situation like the above. Or even I'd get crazy just in a nonsense situation that really didnt need to be a big deal. 
So now when these things happen to us If i go up Tyler will say what'd you get for free (laughing)! This is because I know if he goes up nothing really comes out of it.. except kindness and patience..  I say nothing because now i get timid about the situation and am still nice to the people who screwed us over..
So this is where I pose the question. In situations like the above what would you do. Would you get stubborn and demanding for something so that they fix and make you happier than you were already going to be, if they would have just done it right the first time? OR! would you still be kind and get nothing more out of it?
( I am sorry for my horrible spelling and Grammar.. I hope I make sense when I write.. I just write freely and dont think too much about correcting so I am sorry) 


the waiting game

I can only imagine what it feels like to go past your due date. (the following could possibly be TMI to some) 
So with Truman I came on the day of 37 weeks. Which was yesterday with this baby. I was having contractions all day but random and not consistent, so false labor braxton hicks type thing. I was dilated to a 3 at my appointment last week at 36 weeks apt, and my doctor told me if at my appointment which was today, if I was a 5 she would send me to labor and delivery.
-- because I go fast when in labor, so sending me home would be risky if I went into labor at home, i could possibly not make it to the hospital and with snow involved itd be even more of a possibility. YIKES!
Well I am now dilated to a 4. WA HOO.. Am i doing things to make it so labor will come yes. Walking up and down stairs, shoveling snow even ha, i never shovel snow. goodness today was the first time I've shoveled our pathway this season and seriously I cant wait until we live somewhere where we dont have to do that anymore. We will drive an hour to the snow thank you, and come home to our palm trees and 40 plus degree weather in the winter.
We will see if baby comes this weekend. Tyler and I initially guessed baby would makes its arrival on December 30th. (tax break)? haha but he will come when he wants to right?
I sort of wish there was a definite signal of yes go to the hospital. Such as your belly button pops out and then you know babies arrival is coming shortly within a couple hours. Not the mind games of random contractions one day and none the next? haha. I didnt have that issue with Truman though I just had full fledged contractions and delivered him within about 5 hours. This baby is playing games. Maybe I had it with Truman but I dont remember. O well. Till Baby comes this is the update for now!


4 YEARS...

I married my high school sweetheart, best friend, love of my life 4 years ago TODAY! He is one of the most amazing people I know, makes me laugh everyday, and feel so loved. I couldn't be happier. Best decision I have ever made to be with this man for Time and all Eternity.

It was a super cold day but our friends and family were troopers and had fun with us!



Lately I have been thinking about many things..
I love the holidays. I am excited to go to Twin Falls, ID to see Tyler's family for Thanksgiving. Home cooked meals via Tyler's Mom are the best. Shes an all from scratch kind of lady. Their home is always warm and quiet. Its in the country and I LOVE it. Thankfully they live close about a 3 hour drive. You would think we'd make it up there more often but its just at random.

Christmas we will be with ourselves at our humble home in Salt Lake City. Enjoying Christmas as our little family of three until our little bundle of joy comes shortly after. I am bummed we arent going to be with my family in a warmer place, California,  but its OK we will start our own traditions.
It is crazy that I am Due 2 months from TODAY to be exact! which could really mean less, we shall see I will keep you posted. I will know December 18th how that is looking? haha December 18th is also the day my little Bro Sterling leaves to finish his mission in Calgary, Canada I am stoked for him. LOVE HIM..

Nursing moms: is there a nursing tank you recommend or do you feel its even needed at all?

2 kids: both being in diapers. we have a diaper genie for truman which we love cause it keeps the stinky out. with another one is it smart to get another diaper genie for him or shall we just get a normal garbage can? then poopie diapers can go in the diaper genie. opinions please send my way!

(the following is not the cutest thing to read)
THE HEALING PROCESS of afer giving birth:
   This was one of the main reasons I was a little emotional at the beggining when I found out I was pregnant. Haha really though, because I still remembered how horrible it was and i was not ready to go through it again. So with the matter of  'thinking' about this process. I raise the question for you mothers out there who have gone through this wonderful process..What did you do to help your process be smoother and more comfortable? ( to be frank id rather deliver 20 babies, "thats with an epidural of course" than go through the healing process).
I was given and told to use the tucks pads for cooling the area where i tore. Take sitz baths. Then take what they prescribed which was loratab but it gave me headaches. Which were probably also a side effect of the epidural. So i just did Tylenol/advil and it helped.
I would love to hear and know if there's anything out there like a spray, or gel etc that helps cool/heal you faster/better. Also what you did, (pad you liked :) creams, remedies, type of undies you got etc) ha not most fun to talk about but.. Maybe Ill take everyones advice and things that worked for them and do an awesome organized post about it and "pin it" haha because it would be good things to know dont you think? especially if its been a while or is ones first time. O boy the process I hope it wasnt just he** for me and sucked for you too.. ~loves~


Second Kid Hospital/Husband

Ok Friends who have had a child a second go around how did it work what did you do for the whole process?

I have been playing many scenarios in my head of what is going to happen. The worst case scenario is A. It a blizzard Christmas morning and I go into labor ( i DO NOT WANT A CHRISTMAS BABY) . B. who is going to want to come get Truman? C. Its a blizzard like I mentioned so itll take a while for anyone to come. and I am not about to sit and wait when I am in full fledged labor. I go quickly last time it was about a 5 hour labor and I am told with each one its faster? ahh! I like my epidural yes please, and I would probably be panicking waiting around for someone to get to my house to watch Truman lol
This is where you experienced moms come in to calm my soul of what is the easiest and best way that makes sense for the process. Here are the questions to make it easier, if youd love to respond thatd be great! Just for the record I am not that stressed I just want to have it figured out in my mind before its last minute and I have to replay the scenario above because it comes early or something..
1. what do you do with child #1 when you go into labor? --stupid ? probably..
2. when does child #1 come to visit you at the hospital? -stupid ? i realize but ya?
3. does child #1 stay with someone the whole time your staying at the hospital OR does dad go home at nights to stay with child #1 and then someone watches him during the day so dad can be with you at the hospital during the day? 
4. I dont really know what would be best so you should tell me your experiences and how you worked it all out.
My mom and mother in law both dont live here. However they will be coming to help once baby comes but that doesnt mean theyll be here when I am in labor. I never know when ill deliver
THANK YOU THANK YOU IF YOU DECIDE TO RESPOND.. haha its very helpful. Thanks for following our blog too! LOVES


2 kids here we come!

I dont even know where to begin to write about all the crazy things that run thgouh my head day to day. OR at night ha pregnancy dreams are nuts. (shout out to kendra oakden. she writes amazingly i wish i could write  as clear as her but Kendra boy do our minds think the same ) it reminds me of a youtube video of mens brains vs. womens  and how they are wired. women are a million different wires men are boxes. It is quite interesting. Ok back on topic.

I am getting very excited about having another snuggle bug. First go around was all new of course and honestly I think/thought that newborns are so ugly every single one of them yes sad. Now I think they're just so precious and i just want to snuggle all of them o so cute.

Mother of 2 children any opinions or advice please send my way!!!

We FINALLY got Truman a forward facing seat he tried it out for the first time today and was confused but so excited it was pretty epic. We weren't really in a hurry to get him into one but, Costco had a deal so we got it! I cant believe some car seats are nearly $400.00 thats nuts. So when we removed the infant base and car seat I brought it in and got it all prepped for baby boy #2. Bundle me cover and all since its going to be most likely a blizzard when he comes. "we'll get on that in a bit" . But this brings me to question all mothers or parents out there who have moved from 1 to 2 kids or have been in the 2 kids situation before.

When it comes to putting two kids in the car I think jeez this is going to be a ig adjustment i mean getting used to hauling one kid into places was so annoying at first because I was used to just me going in and out. Thank goodness it got easier and now its just how it is, its what I do and NO BIG DEAL. However I am sure 2 kids get easier but I raise the question.

Where is it easiest to put the kids in their car seats. We had the single infant seat in the middle always. But now with two what to do? what is easiest please let me know.
 I am thinking both kids on each ends and no one in the middle. I can only imagine if/when we have 3 kiddos putting them all in their little seats across the back, can you squish fest! Possibly we will graduate to a mini van? ahh im anti mini van but have you been in those things they're so spacious and have all the bells and whistles.
Anyway help me out people itd be greatly appreciated on you r opinions.

Double stroller:
What do you recommend?
I feel side by side when i have pushed them I cant go in a store because of how wide it is but I love the 3 wheel. Front to back seems more reliable, but how am i to know? so please comment


Just US

We FINALLY got some family pictures. In them I am pregnant so we did the best we could to try and hide the little pooch at the time which is now a bump but during pictures it was that awkward stage of a gut haha.
Ty and I have a hard time being serious for pictures and the photographer caught some pretty good ones of just how we are. Especially when trying to pose serious for a pregnancy picture ha it didnt go to well.. There were also some good ones though. We took two sets one with the Hansen side and one with the Hardy side.

Hansen Side Pictures:

I love that Lyndon hopped in on it.. Love him

Hardy Family:


Heres to you

By YOU, I mean YOU friends that ever so delight yourselves in following our life. I realize i dont update much but if you follow us I am sure you have been assuming the follwing. (is whitney pregnant? i mean there has been little tidbit remarks on her posts to drop hints.) Am I right or am I right? if that is what has maybe past through your little noggin. Well let me put an end to that. The Answer is YES!


DUE January 15th 2013.

I am 23 weeks..

Its a BOY..
We are so excited about it. Our boys can be buddies and (hand me down clothes is a blessing)
Yes they'll be close about 17 months apart. I have been told from many people who have had their kids this close or closer in months they wouldn't have it any other way except that the first year is reallllly hard. So thank you for the for-warnings everyone, it is very appreciated.

We are ready and obviously the Lord knows we are able to handle it so he blessed us with our #2 a tad earlier than expected but thats OK! It'll be great. We still cant believe we even have one kid let alone that now were going to have 2. It seems like yesterday we were still in high school! crazy how time flies

Here is a belly shot ( i cant believe I am 6 months next week this little guy will be here shorter than we know)


12 months

Truman you have officially become a little boy and not just my baby. I am proud of my self and Tyler that we have obviously done something right to be here with you now. I can parent yes I can. haha. You are just cruising around mastering walking more and more everyday its pretty funny to see. You picked it up just before you left for fresno but once we got home you started getting even better at it. You dont revert back to crawling anymore. You get back up when you fall and keep walking. Its great! However Its more busy for me. I took your last monthly picture. I am glad I did month by month its fun to see you change and grow up!

First Birthday

So what child honestly knows what is truly going on for their first birthday? Not really any. However, when we were in Fresno it was also Truman's 1st birthday and we wanted to see everyone, so we had a BBQ for Truman and got to see all our friends at the same time.YAY!

First bite.

and another few more

This picture i feel just captured the sugar high CRASH! ha hes in heaven look at those eyes.. mmm

goin for a dip to clean off

he floated away from all his new friends

adorable kenzie and her dad Jason

great observers 

Our nephew Brennan is seriously a crack up he was just chillin and singing in the smallest kiddie pool 



We have been gone for almost a month. As you already know my parents took Truman for a week to fresno. Before we made it to Fresno Tyler and I stopped in Newport for a couple of days. It was perfect! I am so glad we did just to have some alone time especially before our family starts to grow again. Even though we missed Truman it was still fun. We took him back to the beach the night before we left cause who doesn't want to see someone experience the beach for the first time!

The US Surf Open was in Huntington Beach that weekend so we stopped and watched with the gajilion other people it was packed. I got my hair braided too but didnt take a picture

Rented some bikes and got some frozen bananas yumm..

This is Tyler in front of his old house in Fresno. It has apparently not been kept up like when he lived there with beautiful lush grass, and well trimmed trees.

My two loves in the Hansen pool

Went to the Lake with the lovely Barlocker's the only picture i captured was of  Tyler riding Josh's single jet ski. Tyler Still "has it" he landed a back roll on the wake board i should a coulda woulda but didnt get any pictures on the boat. Thank you Barlockers for taking us. Tyler and I miss them a ton. 

Trumans First encounter with the beach. picture above he was so excited
Picture below we put our toes in the water it was quite cold/it was a big wave and we/i screamed and got soaked so that didnt help this kid..

The three of us.



It is by the far the weirdest feeling.
When all you have known for almost a year is having someone be dependent on you for literally EVERYTHING. I have not had a night without Truman ever since he was born. Last night was the first night and i still felt the need to "check on him" before i retired to my own bed. It was crazy seeing an empty crib with a blanket and binky in there with no kid to snuggle it all up.
When I waved goodbye to my love and went into my house, I didnt know what to do with myself. Since Tyler was at work, I couldn't just sit inside all day. So I got my iPod and did what i loved to do as an independent sole. I went to the pool and laid out for a good couple of hours until my battery ran low. It was blissful to sip on a drink and close my eyes with not a worry.
HOWEVER, while i was trying to just relax and be stress free i was still super nervous about everything about letting my child go away without me for a whole week. The drive home to Fresno for Truman with My mom and brother Sterling. I kept telling them. DO NOT forget him in the car, feed him, change him. etc. DRIVE SAFE dont crash. Ha so I had to restrain myself from wanting to call them 24/7. When the life flight from the University of Utah hospital would fly out and come back in it also didnt help much. (we live barely a mile from the U) Well they are almost to Fresno now so that is good, and apparently has been an angel child. Props to me for being an awesome mom right in training my kid? OR he is just awesome, your welcome mother and sterling.
Once Tyler got home we watched some trash t.v. then went on a bike ride. We just bought some new road bikes well i got a hybrid but almost a road bike right? It is definitely a work out on the trail we live on. It is all  hill in our neck of the woods. But thankfully there is at least a decline and the end of inclines right. We have been a couple times but this time went the furthest we have ever been. If you know Utah at all. We went to the Overpass bridge that goes over the i-80 east heading up to park city. I seriously was panting the WHOLE time there and back haha. It was quite the sight but it was a beautiful view? I wish I could keep getting better but that'll have to wait until spring comes around. Once it starts getting colder I am out, and other reasons. ;)
We are excited to go on our getaway vacation starting Friday then off to Fresno. Until Friday we dont have much planned. If you have any fun ideas for us to do kidless send them our way.


11 months!

I can NOT believe this kid is almost a year old. We will be in California for his first birthday and I am so excited.  The week before we go home Grandma and Grandpa Hansen will be in Utah so when they leave they are just taking Truman home with them. I am not going to know what to do with myself for a whole WEEK! ahh. But it will be nice at the same time. You better believe I will be enjoying the pool and a good book.
So not sure if you can tell in this months picture but there is a band-aid on his head.He has a new growth, which at first we thought was a mole or a zit. Then when we were playing it burst open and bled everywhere. with it being on his head that meant excess bleeding. Well its a hemangioma <-- spelling but they show up in kids until their about 2 years old. they grow then get small and go away? so we keep a band-aid on it since it keeps opening. Here is this months picture!
I thought these two were both quite entertaining he is a busy body for sure!