7 months

We have an exciting month this month. New post to follow. As for the current time being.
Truman is 7 months today! I keep on realizing more and more each day how EVERY CHILD is truly different. some kids are rolly pollies some are skinny minnies. some walk soon some dont. Every single special one progresses at their own rate which makes being a parent so special. Some days I say we are going to have 6 kids yes 6, most likely 4 but i do pretty well being pregnant so we will see take one at a time kind of thing.  But with many in mind in the future to come I am excited to see each unique personality and growth milestones in their own ways. Were perfect with one for a while though! We love our little man.

Truman is the happiest kid. He seems to use his whole body to show you his cheesy grin. He is definitely getting busier and busier. Loves listening and learning new things. He is very aware of his surroundings just taking it all in, its fun to watch him grow.


leap day never forgotten!

First I must start out by saying. 8 years ago at  the wee hours of the morning on leap day 2004.. Tyler and I had our first KISS! by wee hours that means (past curfew of midnight. so it was probably 12:05) but still ha thats when it happened. I was 15 haha... and leap year in 2008 we got engaged and married.. (no i DID NOT propose because it was leap year..just in case any of you have seen the movie leap year)
But NOW we have a wonderful,horrible.insane.crazy.nonsense story to tell.. for 2012 leap day..

---Last night at 8:00 pm Tyler got home from Mutual (a youth group activity for young men and women on a weeknight.. I guess you can relate it a boys and girls club for lds kids but anyone is welcome)..
He had asked me to make cookies for the people he Home teaches, so that we could drop it off and make sure the familes are doing well. (if you dont know what home teaching is go HERE) As a side note our oven is too hot, and for some reason anytime literally ANYTIME i attempt to bake cookies. They are always either burnt, under cooked, and just dont turn out. So whatever this batch was ok but theyd do.
 So we head out to the 2 families homes tyler home teaches. before we left i said I need to be back for REVENGE  which starts at 9 and I have to feed truman and put him down at 9. Tyler said ok 1st house ill just run it up. 2nd house come in with me cause they are a couple who we are "slowly but surely" becoming closer friends with. We will only take 20 minutes.
WELL: this is where it all began. while doing the visits we decided to break the law, since we were only driving in our neighborhood, i just held Truman on my lap in the front seat which he loved he thought he was the mr big shot. stairing at everything a new view rather than looking backwards. he didnt move an inch loved it all.  1st house we stayed in the car,we got to the second house. its a straight up blizzard outside i may be exagerating but it was snowing. and there was a good 2-3 inches on the ground already. We were bundled up so good thing we were because of the following..
We decided we'd leave the car running while going into the second house so we really could be quick. well as I am shutting my door i see/hear tyler lock the door from his side and he shuts his door.. I scream and say TY do you realize what you just did. (THE CAR IS ON, the door is now locked what were you thinking, he said with a chuckle sorry its a habbit).. as were walking up to this second house we realize the spare key to the car is in our house which is also locked so we now are locked out of our running car and out of our house in a snow storm. As we approach the door we ring the doorbell what felt like 5 plus times and they didnt answer.. THEY WERENT HOME.. so were standing there at least its covered on the porch right? well I dont have my phone tyler has his.. SO he is in his work clothes which is church shoe attire type a thing. He decides he's going to run home.. and try to break into our house? lol can you even imagine that, HE said when he got to our house he felt like this.. and wiped off snow from his brows haha

so i insist since i have the child with me i keep the phone. ha. So as I am sitting there i start to panic thinking jeez I am going to be here for a while our house isn't that close its like three streets away.. up hill both ways yes yes..and when he gets there how is he possibly going to break into a front door with nothing or a sliding glass door with nothing..I stay calm but am semi totally freaking out on the inside haha. (if you know me well at all you can only imagine lol ) only because i have  6 month old in my arms. a lot of things went through my noggin.. this picture is a little what i thought about while sitting there waiting..but not quite possibly that bad it really wasn't THAT BAD

haha but then i also thought wow i could have never been a pioneer i mean, yes i am sitting here snuggling my child and were all bundled up and have hoodies.. however it made me grateful for modern technology of cell phones... and very grateful for clothing and warmth close by.. i can NOT even begin to imagine how the pioneers did it ha treading through snow.. props to them.. 
So i start going through his phone i called the peoples house were at both the husband 3 times and the wife 3 times on their cell phones. no answer ha the husband .. is OUR home teacher.. ( yes he home teaches us and tyler home teaches him.. random why yes)... anyway so then i  keep scrolling to see who else lives closest by to save me, so that i can get into a warm place fast. I could have called family and friends the live a little farther but i would have been waiting for even longer..anyway so i call our other home teacher who is the companion of the guys house were in front of no answer. then i call first counselor of bishopric no answer. then i call an advisor in the young mens which was who tyler was just with at mutual. HE ANSWERED..
So he was still at the church and the bishop was there too. so he sent the bishop to come save me and truman from the house. we go to our house and ty is just pacing back and forth trying to figure out how to break in.
WELL.. bishop takes me back to his house to hang out with is wife.. gets some hangers and goes to get tyler. they start taking the hanger to the sliding glass door to unlock it. to get into our house to get the spare key to our car.. meanwhile our car still running is still at the second familes home (the harmons) who arent home.. they get home during all this craziness see our car in their driveway but us no where in sight.. call tyler go to our house.. and then they broke in through our front door while bishop and tyler were still trying to get in through the sliding door in the back.. HOW did they broke in through the front door you might ask.. well with a credit card.of course. yes.who would have thought... i feel real safe now.. i guess its good i didnt have the dead bolt on.. however you better believe i now put the dead bolt on.. crazy.. its good to know that it was not possible to break into the sliding glass door.. wooh..
well so then ty got into the house got the spare key got his car then picked me up. it was a whirl wind of a leap day.. cant wait to see what the next leap day brings us in 4 years. And we know that our Home teacher will come through for us to save the day. thanks Tanner Harmon.

How was your leap day..
--also a random fact/thought.. i wondered what leap day is all about.. so i asked and learned ha i learn a lot from just listening its the best i love people. if you want to know or not ill tell you anyway hopefully i word it correctly..
so the earth rotates 365.25 days a year. therefore after 4 years those .25 days equal a day so on the 4th year thats why there is an extra day so that everything doesnt get thrown off.. if we didnt have it our summers and winters and whatever seasons would get all mixed up and it would just be crazy!