10 Months

Today when I was changing the number on the button for the pillow that says the number of months for the picture. I thought to myself holy smokes I only get two more times to do this. Maybe I should think of another thing to do. Maybe a yearly picture sure?
Well if you read prior posts you know that Truman has this recent smile thing going on. He scrunches his nose squints his eyes and sometimes tilts his head back. I have no idea where he got it from but we find it entertaining. When i was looking at the pictures from today I realized he is changing more and more into who he is and what he is going to look like. He doesn't look as much like he did in the younger months of his life. He is growing in some hair in the back, soon we will get some on top but that's ok. Its curly which is funny so he kinda looks like joker when we put lotion in it and make it all crazy.

Month by Month

cousins date!

Matti put together a cousins date it was really fun. We first met up with everyone and their date at the Beckmans. Uncle chris said to Tyler and I are you ready for a long night? He bet that Tyler would be ready to go home before I was ready.. We went to the gateway in salt lake for dinner and after went to her date Conner's work where there is basketball, wii, ping pong, etc and we played games. 
Tyler is a person is likes to go to bed by about 10:30 every night weekends sometimes later. So when 10:30 rolled around I was actually starting to feel ready to go, but he was still being all hyped up and in with the competition, and wanted to keep playing. I think we had way too much candy. (someone at conners work had bought 40 lbs of skittles so we were partaking in that goodness on top of many other sweets we brought) blah..
meanwhile as we were playing we realized we are kind of  "the older bunch including parker" of the group. but we didnt feel like chaperons so that was good we enjoyed it. However we reeeally realized it when a girl of the youngest of the crowd said ya I am almost 17! i had to use my fingers to do the math and tyler and I just looked at each other like holy crap.. I mean really thought once your out of high school age difference disappears anyway but we are usually the younger people of group dates so it was crazy to be apart of the older for once.
we got home that night around 1:00 and church was at 9:00 am we thought we were going to die the whole time at church. BUT we made it. we will attend those late night happening definitely once in a while. we dont know how we ever stayed up til 2 and 3 and 4 am when we were dating.. AHH! married life is the best. we love our sleep..
I think all this writing is a little jumbled but o well.. here's some pictures from the cousins date!
Tyler and I.. (there were random hats laying around)

shootin some hoops

a balancing chair

Parker and Meagan shes awesome 

Matti and Conner 

Meagan and Parker

Brooklyn and Coleman

Perry and Sterling

Zach and his date ( i forgot her name?! sorry)

Colemans cousin on the otherside Zach and his date. 

Our first child

Truman is the center of Tyler and I's attention.. Therefore we capture many pictures of him. SO with him being our first born he will probably get the most attention out of all our future kids at this age due to being the only one around. Once more come he will have to share that, o that transition shall be fun. Anyway with that this post is just a bunch of random pictures from outings..
He usually just stands on his tippy toes and plays the piano but sometimes we sit him down and he becomes like our little Mozart. 

He just cracks us up when we put a camera in front of him and say smile.. 

reading in thae car or just staring at himself in the miror 

this is the smile and laugh i am talking about i have no idea where he got it from but its like heavy breathing too

see video to believe to put a sound with this face

check out those 2 teeth! 
the Hawaiian shirt my mom got him in Hawaii and it was perfect for our ward luau. I thought he could have been grandpa winters bff that night. they probably would have looked very similar. minus that fact that Truman doesnt have enough hair for a comb over quite yet :) 

Truman's walking buddy Austin. He is so cute. when we go on walks hes always outside with his bike and will join us.we love the company. 

Truman's recent "heavy breathing" sort of laugh/ or when we ask him to smile!