I have a million things each day that run through my mind. I dont even know where to begin. I figure that by writing things down that keep running through my mind, it'll help clear it! SO here it is...

FIRST I like to watch the Bachelor and Bachelorette and Tyler watches it with me! Surprised?

Dont be fooled cause he usually has his picks of who will make it to the end by the 2 episode. Yes we might count this as our"family night" on Mondays, but ill add for sympathy that we have started to have a lesson along with it. Now I'll tell you we both think this show is completely a joke but so dramatic its hilarious. On this season there is a man on it who is from salt lake city, He is a schmuck to say the least however, we have 3 mutuals friends! weird? yes. I discovered I am friends with his younger brother on Facebook as well whom i have never met? does that count as 4 then? I know theres only been one episode, however if you are a viewer, what are your thoughts on this Bentley man from Salt Lake? or this season in general?

SECOND there has been previews for the new movie coming out Mr. Poppers Penguins. Tyler asked me if I ever read that book as a child,I said no I was all about Go Dog Go, Green Eggs and Ham, Bernstein Bears type thing do you remember those? He said no Mr. Poppers Penuins would've been one of your first "chapter books" each chapter is like 3 pages and the book is short. We then started discussing our first chapter books. I said I read the girly ones, I remember people reading Goosbumps and Animorphs or something. He laughed and said awh you were "the baby sitters club" I laughed forever that he even knew it, and I didnt. I probably didnt remember, because when we were forced to read in class for "sparthenian reader" I probably acted like I was reading and was really paying more attention to what was around me and what other people were reading, and passing secret notes or something. Do you remember these books? What did you like as a starting reader?

THIRD why is it that when I am not pregnant and "trying" to be good, its so easy to pack on pounds like nothing. But when I AM pregnant and actually "need/have" to gain weight its slower and a tad harder. I am predicting its going to all pack on way fast the last 2 months? which is not whatd I'd prefer, I'd like to slowly pack it on instead of all at once but what can you do right? o well.. On the same note I am going to Fresno for a Baby shower and just to enjoy, I am so excited but cant decide if I am more excited for seeing everyone or the yummy food places only found in Fresno!

ZENI-YA salad i cant even explain this goodness... Me-N-Ed's pizza is the best thin crust pizza you'll ever have

Dog House grill Tri-Tip, many in Utah dont know what I am talking about when I say Tri-Tip, need i say more.....Japanese Kitchen.. Teppanyaki I know there is places like "Benihanas"? however according to my brother Lyndon it Jap Kitch doesnt even compare to Benihanas. So?

FOURTH so we live in Salt Lake and are loving it. I am going to be Volunteering at This Is The Place Monument so come visit me. I have just been being suzie homemaker and pregnant since we left Provo, So I am grateful for the opportunity to be volunteering and helping with anything I can until Baby comes. Since its quite impossible to get a job for 3 months with vacations in between. I feel great! I just have a protruding middle section, which by the way has started to actually throw off my balance when i wear heals its kinda sad, but Im working on it..

FIFTH I have many boy name ideas running through this mind everyday. Any ideas, some would be great, however were not "naming" the little man until we see him.

SIXTH I think about this way awesome couple at least once a day.

I am so excited for their wedding besides the fact I dont know how huge ill be at 36 weeks, I just hope I can see my feet...But DISNEYLAND with everyone will be the greatest..

SEVENTH is this not the most random blog post ever and long? I am sorry but to those of you who read this blog thank you for listening/reading. Any thoughts on anything I mentioned?


Walmart price matches?

O but don't be fooled on this. Tyler and I have been on the hunt for a descent T.V. stand. We want a nice one because we plan to have it for quite sometime. Who would've thought Walmart would have descent stuff? We should get an award for the money we have put into that place recently. Anyway, we found the TV stand we wanted online at Walmart.com and thankfully they had it available in a couple stores nearby. So we get in our car so excited at the prospect of getting our furniture on Saturday and not having to wait weeks to have it shipped. However, when we got to the nearest Walmart store its 50 dollars more than what it said it was online. We were in shock. We spoke to a manager who told us that they don't "price match" with other Walmart stores or Walmart.com what? However if we order it online we can get the discounted price and shipped to the store for free, but we can't have one of the seven that are in stock.


..And there it is..

..Tyler Graduated from the BYU Marriot School of Business..
And now were Living in Salt Lake City, UT which I am liking, I wasnt too excited about it, but there is more diversity here than I thought, I guess I just figured Provo is the same as anywhere else in Utah but o i was wrong. The second hand smoke, people buying alcohol at the grocery store, tank tops, short shorts, tattoos, different ethnicities,and same sex couples, for some reason makes me feel right at home. Tyler says its probably cause thats what reminds you of California, I said your probably right, he also asked me, "does her immodesty make you happy" when we were strolling at the gateway. I dont remember my response but, Salt lake City definitely has its diversity for me, and its refreshing..

We were invited to a Murder Mystery Dinner and got to play dress up, I must say it was quite fun. Tyler's outfit I thought won for sure..He was a Regal Military Officer (including sword).. and I was a Regal Princess..

Also I am starting to show.. My belly button is starting to pop. and if I lay in just the right position, and laugh, it completely comes out which when it happened for the first time I freaked out and was extremely grossed out by it... I naturally have an inny soo having a half outty but full outty at times intrigues.. haha here are some pictures of the last little while..I dont think I have mastered the hand placing to show the bump, and how to make it a non awkward picture.. but it will have to do..

(seen in earlier post)...at 16 weeks...
...at 20 weeks...
...at 24 weeks...