4 months

Our little guy is not so little anymore. According to the doctor he is tall and lean. Emmett rolled over officially on mothers day. He had rolled over before but then didnt do it again so I didnt count it, but on Mothers Day he kept doing it YAY! From back to belly that is. Then today he rolled from belly to back as well. He loves to see whats going on. His heart mur mur is gone which was music to my ears when the doctor told us. Yay Little Emmett is growing! We are going to start him on cereal in the next little while, ill try my best to remember to write about that experience.. We are loving having two kids its definitely keeping us on our toes. I am excited for more to come, but not anytime too soon..
Emmett's 4 month Stats:
Height: 26.5 inches ( 88% )
Weight: 15 lbs ( 53% )

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