Emmett 7 months

As always I do a month by month of my baby! Mr Emmett.. I am a bit late. SO as it is close to be. ing almost time for his 8 months I should probably post his 7 month.
Well he is crawling EVERYWHERE.. he kinda has a funny crawl. He was doing the army crawl for a bit but now has crawling down. However he kinda does a mix between the bear crawl and traditional crawl. Its cute. I think its becuase it makes it a faster process to crawl then sit right down. He loves being able to be free in the bath now that he sits by himself. versus being in the baby tub. Him and Truman have fun.
He definitely is a lot faster than Truman EVER was it is seriously crazy to me. I think maybe its cause he sees Truman and wants to be there right with him so he picks it up faster? Who knows.
Well he is still tall and lean as ever, and has such a goofy smile and personality.



I cant even begin to explain how crazy life is with this hilarious, fun, spitfire child of mine. It is a hit and miss day everyday with him. We sort of have a love/hate relationship at times. Surely we end each day with love but wowzers he tests my patience. I feel like some days he has been in " time-out" a bit too much for his own good. Its a constant, no dont touch,stay out of the street, dont pinch, be nice, be soft etc. Every morning I wake up thinking ok what shall we do today to keep you busy. I dont like to turn on the tube even though that occupies his busy body pretty dang well so I use it as a last result. On the flip side he is a lot of FUN and keeps me busy. If only it made me super duper fit. ( aint nobody got time for that ) I have learned to sacrifice a lot to try and get back in shape. I love when Tyler gets home at night and we play as a little family. However to make myself feel better I go out at a couple nights a week to get some me time and beautify my body :) "work out"
I took Truman's 2 year old pictures just the simple ones. The same spot where I took his monthly shots until he was a year. I decided I will do it each year after that. Therefore I am NEVER getting rid of my Orange chair haha. Here are some. I now laugh thinking Yes little 2 year old please sit still and smile for the camera. ( AAHHAA YA RIGHT MOM ).. but i got 1!!!


At 1 year and at 2 years

He does this face when you ask him to do "the look" its quite funny. He will do it to random people anywhere, just cause he knows he will get a reaction, he likes to make them laugh. So when they dont laugh and say umm? or look at us weird  I have to explain hes not giving you a dirty look hes doing it to be funny haha!

Hey smile for the camera please. so he just did his thing.. 

We had a little party this was the invite!