So Mr EMMETT is 6 months. Yet thinks hes 8. Ok not really. However, everything has been happening so much earlier than it did for Truman. He is officially scooting and one determined boy. When he sees something he wants he goes for it. Lots of face plants. Its quite funny to watch. Before we know it he will be crawling like its no bodies business. YIKES! I am already non stop with older brother. So if you ever come to visit please do not look at the mess. Emmett has also found his two fingers. His pinkey and ring finger are the preference. It is was he uses to fall asleep, and self sooth, or just to suck. He will take a binkey for a second then spit it out. I dont know why those two fingers are his preference vs a thumb or something, its pretty funny
Emmett is a tall and lean boy that is for sure. He eats every 4 hours and sleeps 8:30 pm- about 8:00am! It took us a while to get there but we did it, now things are a bit more stable.
Height: 27 in ( 71 % )
Weight: 17 lbs ( 40 % )

Those two fingers

I like to see the difference between my two boys as Emmett grows, and how much they look alike. Here is Truman and Emmett at 6 months!
Truman on Left Emmett on Right


LOCKED OUT.... by my two year old

In our rental home the two extra bedrooms which are the boys rooms. The locks are switched around, basically so you can lock a person in their room.
I was on the phone with the paint company and needed to be able to hear well. Therefore I went into the closest room. Trumans. He naturally was crying thinking I had left or something and was playing the door knob trying to get in. Which in the task of doing so. HE LOCKED ME IN HIS ROOM.. I kind of panicked. My baby was out there crying alone with my two year old.
SO I called everyone I knew who lived close and NO ONE answered of course.
So I knocked out the screen and jumped out the window. I just want to add that it may seem like my house is on a main floor, ITS Not. its basically the 2nd floor. or can I say 1 1/2 .. beneath my jump was the window well of the basement so I also had to jump out far enough so I wouldnt fall in that. YAY!..
It was a long jump and I may or may not have torn my pect muscles, how embarrassing. It took a good two to three weeks to heal those. So my back over compensated for it and started hurting. All while trying to move and pack my house. Anyways, I got out and go my spare key and got in. The house wasnt too bad just a toothbrush and toilet paper roll in the toilet.