Never say never
Sitting on the toilet both kids in there with me one rolling the role of tp out while trying to balance standing then falls hits head on corner I'm now holding him while doing my business. While the other is splashing water in the sink every where while standing on the garbage can.
Play dates we go to have fun and get out of the house all for what feels like 2 minutes then my child pinches a kid for no reason. I embarrassed apologize to the parent of the child then leave. O I hate leaving cause it's like punishment for me! 
I can say I never said "my kids will never do that" but I can't say I never said " I hope my kids never do that" key word hope. Hope because its always a possibility. 
So bless you to the moms who come off to everyone else as perfect and usually always perfectly put together. The ones who's kid never tantrums or does anything wrong EVER! Sometimes this can easily happen when you have just the one child. But in no way am I saying all moms who have one small child are this way. Just a big handful. It's quite possibly because they can't quite say been there done that yet, so that's ok. There are moms this way who have 3,4,5+ kids and in that case they must be completely oblivious, or lying. KIDS ARE KIDS. They all go through stages at one point or another. so it'd be really nice if you dont give off the vibe to the normal (un perfect) majority of us that were terrible mothers and need to fix our child! were trying I PROMISE
Bless you to the moms who do have sympathy for those of us moms still learning as we go and who have been there done that! Your encouragement keeps us going. It is music to my ears when they tell me their experiences when they went through what I'm going through!
Being a mom is hard really hard but o so rewarding. I don't pee in peace. Get a lunch break. Have happy hour with co-workers. Whatever it may be. I am working all day. And on call every night! 
That moment your kid gets something and it clicks! I've never felt so proud. Waving bye bye for the first time, throwing a ball, catching a ball, riding a bike! Etc it is like warm fuzzies that feel great! 
All in all I just hope to  never say "my kid will never do that" because it can happen. 
So yay to you moms for having the most challenging and rewarding job there is. It's too bad people don't respect moms better! Happy day ;) 


Katy said...

Come play at my house.. or we will come there. I understand when kids are going through a rough phase..mckay did with hitting. It will pass... I hate that you feel like you have to leave.

Camilla Christensen said...

I agree with Katy... I think you're a wonderful mom. You're so sweet and you handle it so well. It's hard... Jefferson has his things too... sounds like we need to do a park play day with all of us!? xoxo Camilla