The East Bunny brought Tyler a new phone.. As for me it was the ability to make deviled eggs!


The Past 3 Months

Of Course you can tell I have not updated this since we first got married and got settled into our humble appartment!... WELL..

FIRST.. I did what every newly wed girl does, but after the FACT.. she regrets it:


But, the one and only of course still loved me
and asked me out on a fancy date to
Jason and Chelsea Morriss' wedding..IN CALIFORNIA..

It was beautiful and SUNNY.. and nice FAST gettaway from the snow, we had alot of fun
catchin up with everyone!

I know this Post is a little bit jumbled but it NEEDED to be updated...
Second: We went to a Rascal Flatts Concert for my birthday!

THIRD: We made a random weekend to Las Vegas also to watch Dad(Tim) and brother(lyndon) ride the race cars at the Nas Car stadium it was Legit..

  • There will be more to come but I think this works for now...