..Happy Anniversary..

2 years ago today we were Happily married in the Bountiful, UT Temple. Its crazy how time flies. We have learned so much since we have been married.
This weekend one of my best friends got married and it was amazing. Everything the person said that married them was so true. One thing that stuck out to me he said was that ....Before your married your eyes are blind from any weaknesses one another may have, after the wedding festivities you may start to see them, but if you love each other unconditionally and have the pure love of Christ you will easily see past those weaknesses and only see their good and strong attributes. No one is perfect, marriage is not always perfect there is work as well. You learn to work together....
I once was asked -In a relationship what is most important, communication, cooperation, or consideration? I say communication because with out it your only holding your thoughts and feelings in. I have learned that ( MEN can not read our minds even though we think they can) Each day we are helping each other to be a better person than we already are. I have never been happier I love being married. Waking up to your best friend every morning, kissing them, holding their hand whenever you want, laughing and having fun, is the best..
Tyler I love you, Happy Anniversary


Picture Overload

..Part of our Living room..
.. Being festive for Fall yeah,, for harvest blocks..(thanks Lani)
...The Lou...
..with the help of my Mother in-law.. I made this Quilt..
..not the finished product but an idea..

....Mike"the situation"....."snooki"
Halloween Party ...How did we do on look alike?...

...Farmtastic Fun and Fright...
..Fairytale land..
...the group...

..Byu football games, GO COUGARS...
.. Meeting Grandma Soelberg..
...My Awesome Parents came to visit us this summer in Twin Falls..

....Take one.. dating... April 2006...... ....Take two... married...May 2010....
The day in the life of my summer.. i cant pass a tractor thank you..
The best road trip buddy ever... my little nephew Luke..

Buggy Ride and the 4th of July
Hansen Family Pictures

Fogg Wedding

..Summer time at the lake..
..Trip to Boise for the weekend with Greg and Mandy..( yeah for the Anniversay Inn)


Special Request..

Update.. Yes please... well where do I start. This semester has been way busy. Tyler is in his senior year and I am working full time again, we keep really busy. Tyler has been applying like crazy to everywhere for a job when he graduates in April. We are still in the unknown stage as to where we will be a year from now, its scary yet fun at the same time.
I have taken pictures of our new humble abode, and the past couple months of our life. Tyler was my flag football coach, we dressed up as Snooki and Mike the situation for Halloween, We have gone to a BYU football games, and have just been living life.. I am sad to say that I uploaded the pictures from my camera to my computer, and the internet is not connecting on my computer anymore therefore, I take every chance I get to use Tyler's computer whenever he is not using it. so pictures will come soon.
We are in Park city this weekend with my wonderous parents at their time share, its been nice to take a break from Provo for a little bit.

I thought this story was blog worthy however ,I have been trying to figure out in my head how I can retell the story since I am not the best at it.
To start we were laughing so hard the next day once we realized what had happened the night before.
Well, one night I fell asleep thinking that the people above us are one day just going to fall through the cieling because our cieling creaks above us when they walk around. At one in the morning I woke up and thought my fear had come true. So I jumped over to Tyler's side.. at the same time I felt a jolt, and Tyler grabbed me..

Tyler: It was just an earthquake.
Whitney: What?
Tyler: Didnt you just feel our bed shaking?

... we then fell right back to sleep, but my thoughts lingered thinking (this is Utah we dont have earthquakes)..
the next morning.. we talked about this incident and decided we both shared the same dream of having an earthquake and Tyler was just shaking in his sleep which jolted me..
...We have pretty random experiences of this matter, especially with me talking in my sleep often...


We're Back

Do people really read our blog? We feel as though were not too interesting but we can pretend were totally awesome and everyone wants to "keep up with the Hardy's" just like everyone likes to "keep up with the Kardashians"
When we were at a wedding this summer a wise bunch was talking to us about "blogging" there are the ones who blog WAY TOO MUCH... the ones who do it just the right amount, and the ones who rarely ever do it.. Our reply was well what is the right amount? she said you know like once or twice a month but not every DAY and not even more than once a week.. I agree completely. I promise to update on our wondrous life more often than every 4 months. I just like reading about others especially the ones who write incredibly well and who are creative...

A blog I (Whitney) read the other day had 10 things that made her happy that day.. well here are a couple of mine.
1. driving to work the song "you'll always be my baby" by Mariah Carry came on and it took me back I was inspired to put shuffle on my I-pod the rest the day, a few were -spice girls, Hanson, and TLC.. I felt like it was my first CD boom box mix allover again.
2.Fall is almost here however its 90 degrees out.. i am excited for the leaves to fall and to wear sweaters, and pumpkin spice candles yum...
3. the fact that every birthday in my family with out fail you will have a call from at least one member of the extended family member its the greatest
4. my husband for being my #1 fan and for supporting the flag football team and BEING THE COACH.. its great, we laugh all the time
5. learning to sew valences
6.we were feeling the need to nurture so we got a fish!.. haha and Tyler had the honors of naming her Snookie
7. going on walks and scooter rides
8.being thrifty and re-doing furniture
9. all the awesome new shows this fall we are getting into
10. The fact that I attempt at wearing red or pink lipstick/ or wearing different things and I am still loved for it

-Ok it was actually a little hard to think of ten things,however I did it, lets see you try..it actually makes you feel great!
- here is a few family pictures taken recently.. It was super HOT in Las Vegas, however it helped the family bond a little better id say..


This & That where have we been.. where are we going..

The Following is quite a bit of pictures from whats been going on in our lives.
Tyler and I are moving to the beautiful land of potatoes this summer.. were excited...

Hats off to our nephew Luke Happy 3 Birthday!

...Our Cousin Jake got married in St. George it was almost a mini family reunion too CONGRATS JAKE and MEG..

.. yeah for festival of colors.. thanks to the hindu tradition of spring...

..my Brother Lyndon taught us how to truly celebrate St. Patrick's Day..

..For Valentines Day we went to Idaho and went to a dance I have never been to a decorated dance this intense... we also went to where our Hardy Grandparents plot is and Kieth and Lani's it was sweet...

... We went to one of the new Forever 21's and played around it was huge and fun..

..new years Ty had a Photobooth event..

...Christmas Time in California..

...Happy 1 Year.. We celebrated in San Francisco...

..As we were eating crepes.. I said we should go see the seals after this. Tyler replied what if their not there today? I laughed and said seriously Ty? Their always there...oh but wait when we got over there... THEY REALLY WEREN'T THERE.. we were laughing so hard..

.. Our gingerbread home we made.. and our tree... what?? NO This was at Festival of Trees..

---Thanksgiving in Colorado at Grandpa & Grandma Hardy's---