Up Date..

The past few months have been crazy..I am sad to say I do have pictures ut am not able to upload them currently. Our computer caught the virus Cyber Security because of this I have to re-format the computer so I am waiting to upload anything new to it. For halloween I was a pumpkin and ty was a blow up ballerina. It was funny. Thanksgiving we went to Grand Junction Colorado, I met all the Hardy family for the FIRST time it was way fun. I also did the whole Black friday shopping thing for the first time I am still debating how i feel about it. Stay tuned for pictures coming soon. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


End of Summer

---Lake Powell---

...We Achieved new goals...

...Saw Some Beautiful and Interesting things...

...Made Some new FRIENDS...Tyler and Mike.. Me and Annie...

...Tyler is an Amazing Husband and let me go home...
-Beau is a cousin who I have been like a sister to and he a brother to me our whole lives-
-My Grandparents have been a very big part of my life-
-My Family is the most important part of my life-
...I just want to voice how grateful I am for them in my life. I married the most amazing guy ever which is so cliche to say but it was not just him that I married it was his family also. I could not ask for anything better. I love being with Both My family and Tyler's Families.

---With My family when we get together it consists of---
-Loud noises lots and lots of it
-Talking a ton-
-eating just to eat-
-eating until the foods gone instead until were full-
-My grandpa raised us all with a Mauri culture life style when we get together so we do dances and sing, sing LOTS-
-being CRAZY -sometimes literally-
-Have the gospel in our lives-
-Keeping the spirit present anywhere and everywhere we are and in anything we do-

---With Tyler's family it consists of---
-Hard work- Literally-
-Talking Lots-
-Have the Gospel in our lives-
-Keeping the spirit present anywhere and everywhere we are and in anything we do-
-eating just to eat-
-homemade anything you can think of (thank you Mom Hardy (Lani) ) from FOOD to quilts to bags pretty much awesomeness-
- I have been officially initiated into the Hardy family at least i like to think so ( i love carp shooting)-



... SO we have all seen them, those people who think they're INVISIBLE in their car. Well I've come to the conclusion that im married to one of them, and here is the evidence...



...Tyler got into the Marriot school of business...we just found out on Friday we are so excited..
..SOMEDAY we want..
..some of these...

..and one of those cute little guys...
yet even though
he will be huge later and named duke.. Me and the little ones will dress him up like this....

..cute ole duke..

.. we are happy with everything we have and feel so blessed for the love and support from everyone. thanks a ton we love you all..-


A SpEciAL dAy aT tHe OlymPicS

LENNY on the stand recieving the SILVER Medal

...TY volunteered to help me out with some Special Friends from work...

Saturday at the Special Olympics our new friend LENNY got robbed of his GOLD MEDAL in the 200 meter dash- sooooo tyler plans on training him for next year for his big come back...!



I am so sorry I am horrible at updating but here is the latest..

-I have officially been initiated into the HARDY family-

...For memorial day weekend we went to Idaho..
Where I not only touched/ held a gun,went shooting carp fish
with bow and arows for the FIRST TIME...
BUT..(i caught my first fish with one) small little guy but its
the thought that counts...

..Ty and I with the coolest shades ever to Be able to see the fish better..
we had a lot of fun.. Next thing to check of on the list is (shoot a gun) what?



The East Bunny brought Tyler a new phone.. As for me it was the ability to make deviled eggs!


The Past 3 Months

Of Course you can tell I have not updated this since we first got married and got settled into our humble appartment!... WELL..

FIRST.. I did what every newly wed girl does, but after the FACT.. she regrets it:


But, the one and only of course still loved me
and asked me out on a fancy date to
Jason and Chelsea Morriss' wedding..IN CALIFORNIA..

It was beautiful and SUNNY.. and nice FAST gettaway from the snow, we had alot of fun
catchin up with everyone!

I know this Post is a little bit jumbled but it NEEDED to be updated...
Second: We went to a Rascal Flatts Concert for my birthday!

THIRD: We made a random weekend to Las Vegas also to watch Dad(Tim) and brother(lyndon) ride the race cars at the Nas Car stadium it was Legit..

  • There will be more to come but I think this works for now...


The Honeymoon

Park city, Vegas, next stop California

car trouble

As we were driving to L.A. our driver side window
decided to shatter on the freeway.
soo the next morning we sat in a glass repair shop
waiting room..We got really bored.

An HOUR later we got to go to The Happiest Place On Earth. They even gave us Newly-Wed pins


Standing in lines for only under and hour

Screaming on Space Mountain INTENSE..

Went to Club 33, they made a special dessert
congratulations on being newly married...

Smallword It was still decorated for christmas
Huge christmas tree on Main street..