6 months

First of all I will try to be better about not just posting once a month when the little guy is 1 month older. I will try and update prior to what else is going on in our adventurous life. Otherwise. here it is..
TRUMAN is half a year old. he turned 6 months on February 7..

You gotta love that little smile. O and those rolls yes yes we love our chunky baby mmm mmm lol. 
Here are some stats since we got to go to the doctor this month. He was so good with his shots Grandma Bev got to enjoy holding him while he was poked. Were all checked out and happy and healthy.
Height: 26 3/4  (50%)
Weight: 17 lbs (50%)
Head: 43 (30%)
--Truman your the greatest. Being a mom has changed my life forever, its a definite change can i say that again and again its a good change but HARD yes its HARD.. but its worth it. However since you were 8 weeks you blessed me with 10 hours of sleep each night. now you sleep 12 hours at night and take two, 2 hour naps one in the morning one in the afternoon. and sometimes a little cat nap in the late afternoon. you can roll over and "creep" as they call it.. crawling comes after. We love to make you laugh and talk a lot. Your also a very good listener.  Happy 6 months your growing so fast!