My Baby Essentials

Obviously Not an expert over here. But like many of you have done, I'd like to also share the things that I love to have I find a lot of my stuff at Target, babies r us, Walmart etc.

1. lasinoh breastpads. These guys are the best I have never leaked with them, even when my milk first initially comes in which is like ( porn star) status its awesome but horrible at the same time lol.. I feel like a human cow haha

2. aden and anais swaddle blankets: These are awesome, i feel i can wrap up my baby the tightest in these.

3. swaddle me blankets: they velcro and are so easy to use. I like them when the baby is maybe 2+ months? quick and easy.

4. electric snot sucker: I didnt have one of these with truman. I just used the bulbs you get at the hospital.. Which is you use those too much it can actually cause more build up because it makes them flare up even more cause the buld is skinnier and can go further back. This electric gem avoids that but definitely does the trick..

5. Lasnioh Wipes: I know this is random. I only use this for a spits bath. Since baby doesnt need a fully emersed bath every day or get to have one until umbilical cord falls off when they are young. Someone told me about these. To use them to wipe them down and it smells delightful. Otherwise i use any type of wipes for little bums just these specific ones to wipe the smell of spit up away etc.

6. Cloth diaper as burp cloths: these are the best and most absorbent I feel like. yes they are just plain white but sew on a cute ribbon or cute piece of fabric and tada!! cute..

7. space saver high chair: if you are like us we live or have lived, will be living in a rental while in school still. therefore there is not much space usually. Which is why we got one of these to save us some space. Yes it takes up a chair but when baby isnt using it it just slides righ tunder the table with the rest of the chairs. we like it!

8. boppy.. makes breastfeeding a breeze! 

I am thinking of many things but these are all what pop in my head right now, so they must be my top favs? I hope it helps if needed! 

2013 so far

Basically its been crazy!
Jan 3: Emmett was born
Jan 4: Grandma Hansen passed away
Jan 5: I had high blood pressure got put on meds in hospital to lower it
Jan 6: supposed to go home but, couldnt due to high BP ( awesome), Emmett was discharged but still got to stay at hospital with me therefore TY had to stay too.. While he was going through discharge they found a heart murmur which totally did not help my BP
Jan 7: my BP was ok and we all got to go home but I am still on meds and monitoring it
Jan 11: Saw cardiologist for Emmett, heart murmur confirmed its tiny and should close alone.
Jan 13: Truman fell landed weird getting off wicker basket and started to limp
Jan 14: Truman walking better and climbing on everything.. was on top of small garbage can and fell now wont even use his right arm. called the doctor at 113 and they said to get there to be seen by 1150 i looked like hell lol. so we rushed over took both kids that was awesome. was there 2 1/2 hours not to bad. Truman had x-rays but no visible broken bones. However he got a splint and flu shot what a traumatic day for him. since we were already there and were going to come back 3 days later for Emmetts 2 weeks appointment they just did everything then, it was nice since my mom was with us.
Jan 22: Truman has 2 back mullers on bottom and 2 side bottom front teeth coming in.. night time sleep has been great but Naps thats another story!..
Today Jan 23: My days have been a blur. I feel a little bit of cabin fever but its so dang cold outside. I dont know why people LOVE Utah, but thats ok I love it for now :) and am happy. We are very busy.
Newborns are freaking hard.. yes I said freaking and i know many dont like that word but its the truth. Once they sleep a bit longer at night I am happier. Tyler has to remind me that Emmett is barely almost 3 weeks. We will get there just be patient. Breastfeeding is awesome since it sucks calories right out of you and helps you to slim down, but man its demanding. Sometimes I cry at 2:00 am and tell Tyler he should get some boobs. JK JK.. but its ok I am just adjusting. 2 kids is an adjustment as well.. We are happy and growing and adjusting over here. living the dream loving the life we live.
Welcome to our 2013 so far!!!

Mr. Emmett John Hardy

Your Story:
We thought we could get you here before the new year, yay for tax deductions. We tried literally everything! I even went sledding, I thought for sure that would break my water or you would come since I was dilated so far. NOPE.
At 36 weeks appointment I was dilated to a 3 which with Truman I was at a 3 when i was 37 weeks and he came 2 days later. So i thought for sure! However the doctor wanted to keep you in another week hopefully so I did nothing for a week.. no.. and so a week past
At 37 weeks I was a 4, the doctor said if I was having contractions close together to not really take my time or wait at home, since my labors are really fast. Well This was the week we did LITERALLY everything to get you here since it was the last week of the year. You wouldnt budge.
At 38 weeks, I was just barely dilated to a 5, so the doctor said she didnt want me walking around at a 5 especially with the snowy bad weather. This is because if I did go into labor she was nervous I'd probably deliver in the car! So I was scheduled for induction on January 3, 2013
January 3, 2013-- we checked into the hospital at 7:30 am. It was weird slowly walking in and slowly putting on my gown. around 9:00 am the doctor showed up and broke my water and told the nurse to start the pitocin shortly there after. Well our nurse was kind of dilly dallying checking us in but thats ok. So the anesthesiologist was going to be doing a c-section and couldnt leave until it was done. So I told him I would like the epidural before he went in so that if I went into full contractions itd already be kicked in. So I actually got the epidural before nurse hooked up the pitocin. Epidural was around 9:30 pitocin (which starts your labor) was given around 10:00 am. We started to think by 10:30 even though contractions were about every 3 1/2 minutes we'd be there quite sometime so we popped in pitch perfect. It was nice to sit and laugh with Tyler. When the nurse "checked" me around 11:30 I was a 7 and the cathedar balloon was a little in the way of you coming further, therefore she moved it over. TMI? haha right after she left the room I started to feel pretty hard contractions so I called her back in and said I am feeling these pretty hard I think the baby is coming. SO she called the drug doctor in, he thankfully was out of his c-section and he gave me a quick relief of more epidural cause originally he started me on a lower dose. So the nurse checked me then as well and she said you were crowning..meaning your head was right there. She called the doctor, and since the epidural drug was upped I think it was maybe a bit too much because I didnt feel anything they had to tell me when I was contracting. Which was fine but I like to feel a little pressure o well. Anyways the doctor got there at 12:00 pm I pushed twice ( 2 contractions) and you were out. It was so easy and heavenly. I loved it. Probably because I didnt feel any hard hard labor contractions. You were as beautiful as a swollen newborn can get!

We Love you to pieces.Truman Loves you too and I am so glad he has been so good with you.

Now the fact that you came in the new year has actually been a huge blessing to us. You definitely were awesome to wait. We have met our deductible for the year wa hoo..!

When we were going through discharge I had just found out Grandma your great Grandma Hansen had died and I had high blood pressure so they had to keep me an extra day, and put me on meds to lower it. You had to stay with me, but therefore so did dad because technically a patient cant be caring for someone else while admitted, just in case something crazy happens.
When they were checking you right before discharge the pediatrician found a heart murmur. This did not help out my stress level or high blood pressure. He simply said I will be right back I hear a heart murmur. WHY do they do that just leave. But he was just going to go get a diagram to show us what he thought it might be. He told us to follow up with the pediatrician youll be seeing, and if they hear it then to get an ekg and things of that matter from the cardiologist.
So we followed up and she heard it as well and said that the cardiologist would be calling us. She assured me that she thought it was nothing huge and that it would just go away by itself, and not to stress because they see it in children all the time and its no big deal usually..

It always looks way worse than it really is right?
Since you are under 1 month you were considered urgent for the cardiologist. So on January 11 they got us in. Thankfully my mom was still here and could watch Truman while we took you to Primary children hospital. Prior to going I was educated by my dad all about heart murmurs since he knows all about it and often works on little patients just like you who have heart problems, murmurs etc. I was hoping for the best and that surgery wouldnt or anything serious would be the case. I got a blessing and had lots and lots of prayers. When we were at the appointment I think I was more calm than Dad. I knew it was going to be simple and minor. However watching the screen and the techs face who was doing your echo was a bit nerve racking since they cant say anything. I figured since she didnt rush out of the room it wasnt anything serious. Finally after all your scans the doctor came in and said the hole in your hear (heart murmur) is in your muscle YAY! which means it should close as your grow, and that we shouldnt worry. What a relief that was. SO therefore your waiting till the new year was a blessing because medically youve been through a lot and its better that way for the whole year insurance wise. I am sorry you caught my cold and horrible cough your first 2 weeks of life. It'll only you make you that much stronger.


and then there were 4..

We are now a little family of four, and couldnt be happier. Having 2 kids is definitely an adjustment and very busy, especially that they are 17 months apart. I seriously wouldnt have it any other way. Truman is so good with him and as soft as a 1 1/2 year old can be. He loves his little brother a bit too much at times but id rather have that than the other way around. I will write my birth story next time, out of the two so far this one was the easiest. Till then, here is some pictures
Emmett John Hardy
Born 1.3.13
Weight: 7 lbs 14 ounces
Height: 21 inches

and below is Truman at the same time.. do you think they maybe look alike? I think Emmett is not as chunky (which is weird because they were exact same height and weight when born) but that is ok, we will thicken him up as time goes on. We love chunky babies!

Brotherly Love