..I'm proud to be an American in Idaho..

For the 4th of July we went to Twin Falls, ID to visit Tylers awesome parents. We had some good food, wen tot the snake river and the local lake Murtaugh to go Carp shooting. I was dragged behind the boat on a tube for a little bit, and when we got going I thought Id possibly go into labor from hitting the big waves! I thankfully didnt..
Sunday we visited our old Spanish Branch which we love and miss them so much..

..US a while ago, and US NOW!

..So I HATE awkward pictures,this is our attempt to replicate one..
..Happy 4th! plus the 32 week belly shot..

San Francisco and Dirty Dash

I went to California to visit the family for a little bit. While there I went to San Fran for the day, it was short and sweet, wished Ty was with me but it was still fun..
..Me and "G"...( please excuse my chunky cheeks i am pregnant ya know)..
...The Crew...

..Grandpa with the seals...

Tyler participated in the Dirty Dash. Its a 5k in Midvale, Utah through obstacles and mud. I am excited to be able to do it next year. He makes me laugh all the time, heres some pictures that dont do it justice but its an idea!

..My Champion...
The Team BEFORE Tyler likes to be #2 instead of #1 love him
.....Go Ty Go..