12 months

Truman you have officially become a little boy and not just my baby. I am proud of my self and Tyler that we have obviously done something right to be here with you now. I can parent yes I can. haha. You are just cruising around mastering walking more and more everyday its pretty funny to see. You picked it up just before you left for fresno but once we got home you started getting even better at it. You dont revert back to crawling anymore. You get back up when you fall and keep walking. Its great! However Its more busy for me. I took your last monthly picture. I am glad I did month by month its fun to see you change and grow up!

First Birthday

So what child honestly knows what is truly going on for their first birthday? Not really any. However, when we were in Fresno it was also Truman's 1st birthday and we wanted to see everyone, so we had a BBQ for Truman and got to see all our friends at the same time.YAY!

First bite.

and another few more

This picture i feel just captured the sugar high CRASH! ha hes in heaven look at those eyes.. mmm

goin for a dip to clean off

he floated away from all his new friends

adorable kenzie and her dad Jason

great observers 

Our nephew Brennan is seriously a crack up he was just chillin and singing in the smallest kiddie pool 



We have been gone for almost a month. As you already know my parents took Truman for a week to fresno. Before we made it to Fresno Tyler and I stopped in Newport for a couple of days. It was perfect! I am so glad we did just to have some alone time especially before our family starts to grow again. Even though we missed Truman it was still fun. We took him back to the beach the night before we left cause who doesn't want to see someone experience the beach for the first time!

The US Surf Open was in Huntington Beach that weekend so we stopped and watched with the gajilion other people it was packed. I got my hair braided too but didnt take a picture

Rented some bikes and got some frozen bananas yumm..

This is Tyler in front of his old house in Fresno. It has apparently not been kept up like when he lived there with beautiful lush grass, and well trimmed trees.

My two loves in the Hansen pool

Went to the Lake with the lovely Barlocker's the only picture i captured was of  Tyler riding Josh's single jet ski. Tyler Still "has it" he landed a back roll on the wake board i should a coulda woulda but didnt get any pictures on the boat. Thank you Barlockers for taking us. Tyler and I miss them a ton. 

Trumans First encounter with the beach. picture above he was so excited
Picture below we put our toes in the water it was quite cold/it was a big wave and we/i screamed and got soaked so that didnt help this kid..

The three of us.