This & That where have we been.. where are we going..

The Following is quite a bit of pictures from whats been going on in our lives.
Tyler and I are moving to the beautiful land of potatoes this summer.. were excited...

Hats off to our nephew Luke Happy 3 Birthday!

...Our Cousin Jake got married in St. George it was almost a mini family reunion too CONGRATS JAKE and MEG..

.. yeah for festival of colors.. thanks to the hindu tradition of spring...

..my Brother Lyndon taught us how to truly celebrate St. Patrick's Day..

..For Valentines Day we went to Idaho and went to a dance I have never been to a decorated dance this intense... we also went to where our Hardy Grandparents plot is and Kieth and Lani's it was sweet...

... We went to one of the new Forever 21's and played around it was huge and fun..

..new years Ty had a Photobooth event..

...Christmas Time in California..

...Happy 1 Year.. We celebrated in San Francisco...

..As we were eating crepes.. I said we should go see the seals after this. Tyler replied what if their not there today? I laughed and said seriously Ty? Their always there...oh but wait when we got over there... THEY REALLY WEREN'T THERE.. we were laughing so hard..

.. Our gingerbread home we made.. and our tree... what?? NO This was at Festival of Trees..

---Thanksgiving in Colorado at Grandpa & Grandma Hardy's---