A pleasant Surprise

A Christmas morning in the Hansen Family home, to be remembered. Lets just say Bev's reaction is priceless to her Christmas morning surprise.


Its a New year its a New day

I figured since its still January I am still allowed to write in regards to the new year. Its a new dawn, its a new day, and IM feeling good- michael buble ( or as seen on weight watcher commercials).. 2011 here I come it'll be so fun!
I have seen too many blog updates and think every time I see them how I am so bad at updating and need to update. I just have this block of pure laziness, i guess i will call it, of uploading my pictures, now that I have a different computer it doesn't have a port for my memory card and therefore I have to take the extra 2 seconds to plug a cord in. ha-ha now enough complaining.

I have been thinking a lot more often lately of how. When were growing up its always o I wish i was 16 so I could date. I wish I was 18 so I could be on my own. I wish i was in college out of my parents house so that I could be independent. ( for some/ most in the case of going to college the only independent you become is: waking yourself up everyday, cooking for yourself, grocery shopping yourself, learning to know who you truly are and not just what your parents want you to be, and doing your own thing, otherwise your not "truly independent" they still pay certain things for you. aka car insurance, health insurance, cell phone, etc Anyways then when your in college you think i just want to graduate and have my career, i just want to be married.then its i just want kids, then its i just want my kids out of the house, then its i want the kids back home. It seems as though we always want what we dont have at the moment in time.

Well this whole time I have been married I have never felt so content in the place I am at in my life. I dont want anything else I am happy with everything I have. I dont feel the -need- of anything different. I just feel so content at this state in life and cant picture life being any greater. Its amazing. It will be fun to see what the future has in store for us because it will just add that much more joy. I hope to always enjoy every stage in life as I grow older and experience new things. Enjoy each day and each year cause it will never happen again.