Lately I have been thinking about many things..
I love the holidays. I am excited to go to Twin Falls, ID to see Tyler's family for Thanksgiving. Home cooked meals via Tyler's Mom are the best. Shes an all from scratch kind of lady. Their home is always warm and quiet. Its in the country and I LOVE it. Thankfully they live close about a 3 hour drive. You would think we'd make it up there more often but its just at random.

Christmas we will be with ourselves at our humble home in Salt Lake City. Enjoying Christmas as our little family of three until our little bundle of joy comes shortly after. I am bummed we arent going to be with my family in a warmer place, California,  but its OK we will start our own traditions.
It is crazy that I am Due 2 months from TODAY to be exact! which could really mean less, we shall see I will keep you posted. I will know December 18th how that is looking? haha December 18th is also the day my little Bro Sterling leaves to finish his mission in Calgary, Canada I am stoked for him. LOVE HIM..

Nursing moms: is there a nursing tank you recommend or do you feel its even needed at all?

2 kids: both being in diapers. we have a diaper genie for truman which we love cause it keeps the stinky out. with another one is it smart to get another diaper genie for him or shall we just get a normal garbage can? then poopie diapers can go in the diaper genie. opinions please send my way!

(the following is not the cutest thing to read)
THE HEALING PROCESS of afer giving birth:
   This was one of the main reasons I was a little emotional at the beggining when I found out I was pregnant. Haha really though, because I still remembered how horrible it was and i was not ready to go through it again. So with the matter of  'thinking' about this process. I raise the question for you mothers out there who have gone through this wonderful process..What did you do to help your process be smoother and more comfortable? ( to be frank id rather deliver 20 babies, "thats with an epidural of course" than go through the healing process).
I was given and told to use the tucks pads for cooling the area where i tore. Take sitz baths. Then take what they prescribed which was loratab but it gave me headaches. Which were probably also a side effect of the epidural. So i just did Tylenol/advil and it helped.
I would love to hear and know if there's anything out there like a spray, or gel etc that helps cool/heal you faster/better. Also what you did, (pad you liked :) creams, remedies, type of undies you got etc) ha not most fun to talk about but.. Maybe Ill take everyones advice and things that worked for them and do an awesome organized post about it and "pin it" haha because it would be good things to know dont you think? especially if its been a while or is ones first time. O boy the process I hope it wasnt just he** for me and sucked for you too.. ~loves~