MR. EMMETT is one years old. MY how this year has been an adventure. We have experienced so much in your first year of life its amazing. You love to eat whatever anyone else is eating and have a funny way of letting them know they need to share with you. Your not quite walking yet but you'll get there, I am in no rush. You climb on everything which is so scary. There are so many times we find you on top of our dresser, you simply pull your self up onto the chair then from the chair to the dresser. Strong upper body strength that is for sure. You clap, wave, and love to tell us lots of stories. You babble and its the cutest thing. I love getting the words out that are clear to hear from you, it makes us happy. You are very tall and lean says the doctor. We are loving watching you grow. You love to follow your big brother around its the cutest. Its nice! We love you please stay sweet and keep being so smiley!

12 month stats:
weight: 21 lbs (36%)
height: 30.7 inches (80%)

I am grateful for taking your month by month pictures, o how I have loved watching you grow..

clap clap clap


When Emmett was first born people kept saying Truman and him look so much a like. here is both of them at 12 months. Truman on left Emmett on the right

Truman left and Emmett on right!



Never say never
Sitting on the toilet both kids in there with me one rolling the role of tp out while trying to balance standing then falls hits head on corner I'm now holding him while doing my business. While the other is splashing water in the sink every where while standing on the garbage can.
Play dates we go to have fun and get out of the house all for what feels like 2 minutes then my child pinches a kid for no reason. I embarrassed apologize to the parent of the child then leave. O I hate leaving cause it's like punishment for me! 
I can say I never said "my kids will never do that" but I can't say I never said " I hope my kids never do that" key word hope. Hope because its always a possibility. 
So bless you to the moms who come off to everyone else as perfect and usually always perfectly put together. The ones who's kid never tantrums or does anything wrong EVER! Sometimes this can easily happen when you have just the one child. But in no way am I saying all moms who have one small child are this way. Just a big handful. It's quite possibly because they can't quite say been there done that yet, so that's ok. There are moms this way who have 3,4,5+ kids and in that case they must be completely oblivious, or lying. KIDS ARE KIDS. They all go through stages at one point or another. so it'd be really nice if you dont give off the vibe to the normal (un perfect) majority of us that were terrible mothers and need to fix our child! were trying I PROMISE
Bless you to the moms who do have sympathy for those of us moms still learning as we go and who have been there done that! Your encouragement keeps us going. It is music to my ears when they tell me their experiences when they went through what I'm going through!
Being a mom is hard really hard but o so rewarding. I don't pee in peace. Get a lunch break. Have happy hour with co-workers. Whatever it may be. I am working all day. And on call every night! 
That moment your kid gets something and it clicks! I've never felt so proud. Waving bye bye for the first time, throwing a ball, catching a ball, riding a bike! Etc it is like warm fuzzies that feel great! 
All in all I just hope to  never say "my kid will never do that" because it can happen. 
So yay to you moms for having the most challenging and rewarding job there is. It's too bad people don't respect moms better! Happy day ;) 


Family pictures FINALLY

This summer we attempted to take our first "legit" family pictures at the beach. Well we had already been there a week. Where both our kids were sick pretty much the whole time. So my the end of the week they were done, therefore we didnt get that great of a turn out. SO my dad was in town a couple weeks ago and brought his nifty camera, and we got some fun ones. Here are a few! IT WAS SOO WINDY..

We started to just follow Truman's lead. Example he was climbing on the railing so we went over and stood by him and smiled :)

Life and MY BOYS/// Emmett 9 months.. Truman 2 years

I missed posting Emmetts 8 month, because life has been busy. Truman for one keeps me going going non stop. At nap time I couldve posted but I didnt so o well. We did the dirty dash, end of summer parties, visitors, etc. We bought our first house! (pictures to come soon) so therefore I have been trying to find my inner creative side to come up with ideas for decorating. I still have some blank walls I cant decide on. Thank you pinterest for overload on fab ideas. Otherwise we are just happy and healthy, and living our life day to day! But doing lots and having fun in between.

   You are not so much a baby anymore. You are still our baby. However, you love to follow Truman around the house and act like your as big as him. He sometimes can get a little rough but dont worry youll be big enough to wrestle with him soon enough. You guys carry on babababa conversations often and it is my favorite. Truman just thinks your so funny and will mimik you since you cant exactly speak as well as him. You love to be outside. If I bring you in and Truman is still out there you make sure to let me know thats not ok with you. You are one Happy baby always putting on a show with your sweet smile to anyone who gives you attention. We love you!
here are the 9 months stats. still tall and lean.
Height: 28.75 IN (66%)
Weight: 19.69 lbs (34%)

 ---Dear Truman. You are my firecracker. I know i already posted your pictures but I just want to write a little something. First of all you are the funniest, tender, spitfire, challenging child I know. You have started to pinch other kids. O boy it is a run for my money. It is so embarrassing to apologize constantly and every time we go to the park or play dates, for your pinching issue. You just blatantly will go up to other kids and grab their cheeks, therefore leaving claw marks/nail marks ;) also other times you mostly do it though because you havent quite figured out how to verbalize clearly and fast enough that you want what they are playing with or using. IE its their turn on the slide and you want to go down, but they are taking forever and not going. So obviously in your noggin pinching will solve it!! ahhh.. haha its funny but rough ( for all involved including me) I feel I have tried every way to discipline. I am still trying new tactics. I know you will grow out of it 'eventually" but till then ill keep trying until you get the clue.. wooo.. anyways. WE love you so much. thanks for making me laugh your so fun. I mean that. You love to turn on the piano and play the pre recorded songs and turn it up really loud and dance all around. You love helping me with anything I allow you to, feeding emmett, dishes etc. I love that you know what it means to get your shoes and put them on. I need to tackle potty training. dont you worry its coming soon..
We pushed your 2 year appointment until emmetts 9 month so we could do it as the same time. The doctor was shocked how much you had grown she made the assistant measure you again.
Here are you stats!
Height: 36.5 IN (85%)
Weight: 29.44 lbs (61%)


Emmett 7 months

As always I do a month by month of my baby! Mr Emmett.. I am a bit late. SO as it is close to be. ing almost time for his 8 months I should probably post his 7 month.
Well he is crawling EVERYWHERE.. he kinda has a funny crawl. He was doing the army crawl for a bit but now has crawling down. However he kinda does a mix between the bear crawl and traditional crawl. Its cute. I think its becuase it makes it a faster process to crawl then sit right down. He loves being able to be free in the bath now that he sits by himself. versus being in the baby tub. Him and Truman have fun.
He definitely is a lot faster than Truman EVER was it is seriously crazy to me. I think maybe its cause he sees Truman and wants to be there right with him so he picks it up faster? Who knows.
Well he is still tall and lean as ever, and has such a goofy smile and personality.