The "D" word

     Seriously it is the worst. I do weight watchers and it is amazing. I don't think it is really a diet though because I literally eat whatever I want. However, I just made 5 dozen cookies the other day, plus my mom sent a wonderful Easter package in the mail. The Easter package of course included.
Two packages with 6 in each.. ( one of these is 5 points)

These are just the best!

Therefore when it gets to be around 3:00 pm which is when I have the munchies and of course late at night after dinner. These guys stair me straight in the face plus the cookies! YIKES.. 
Fruit is "free points" as much as you want. Who wants to eat a Banana when you have awesomeness right in front of you. There is now just 5 cookies left. I gave some away. However as I sit here blogging to deter me from munching I am sitting here drinking as much water as possible and my little banana. I already had my diet coke that didnt help too much, and I am thinking I should just eat all 5 cookies then it wont be a problem anymore, they are ( 3 points each). Then the rest of the goodies ill hide away in a bag and save until this wonderful Easter weekend at the in laws. Then there I will splurge the whole weekend and enjoy all my chocolate and overly fill my stomach with homemade meals. My mother in law is an extremely good cook and I swear I gain ten pounds when we go there. I can choose to eat the goodies now but I am trying to be "good" through the week so I can completely enjoy my weekend. 
I dont like talking about the D word DIET because, seriously just enjoy life right? Dont diet, just be smart.
With my second baby I gained more while I was pregnant than with my first but thats ok. I am now back to my " pre pregnancy weight with my first" but my goal is to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight with my second. ( i was smaller before my second baby, than I was with my first) 
I feel blessed that breastfeeding helps shed the pounds right off. However this go around yes weights coming off SLOWLY but the baby jiggle is still present, that will take a bit more time. I am practicing patience with it. Baby is only 3 months almost so were ok..
I feel as though I cant possibly be the only one who gets munchie munch munch munch feelings too. right?


Every child is different

The phrase " every child is different is very true" I didnt really truly see it until I had my second child.
My first Truman really was the best baby. People would tell me all the time how lucky I was. I would just smile and nod but figured it was cause I followed the  BABYWISE METHOD. Which was/ is an awesome book. It helps train your baby to sleep through the night by 8 weeks.. about 10 hours then by 6 months to sleep 12 hours. Truman slept ten hours by 8 weeks no problem. He was the best. I am sure Heavenly Father gave me him first cause he knows if I had a hard baby first Id think twice about having another. Just kidding I would still have another regardless but itd be hard.
When people would tell me just wait till you have a second it wont be the same, I would just roll my eyes because I knew that cause of the routine I was doing via baby-wise was the reason why.
NOW I am totally eating my words or thoughts for that. Emmett my second baby. He is going to be 3 months on March 3. We have been letting him cry it out since he was 8 weeks because before that he would go maybe 3-4 hour stretches at night still. AHHH Truman at 6 weeks gave us 6-8 hour stretches. Emmett now will go about 6 and I let him cry it out and fall back asleep then once its been 8 if he wakes up I feed him. I can not wait ill the day that he will give me 10 hours. Which he should be able to do by now. I am hating all my friends that have babies who slept 10 hours at 2 months. I dont know if this go around we are more weak with letting him cry or what it is. Is it because we are nervous he will wake older brother? Maybe, but when he has cried it out at 2 am it hasnt woken him so? We have been a lot more weak at not letting him cry as long, and give him the binky. Emmett seems to just cry and cry and cry. It sometimes has been 2-3 hours. That is crazy. obviously its not full fledged screaming,its like whimper fall asleep for maybe 20 then whimper then cry etc, but come on kid whats the deal.
Emmett also is not a big eater like Truman. Truman was a perfect nurser. those first weeks were rough getting it down and it was frustrating he would only do one side. Then at about 2 months he was a solid ten on each side. Not Mr. Emmett, he will do 5 minutes sometimes just on one side. then sometimes 5 on one side and maybe 2 on the other. He isnt falling asleep or anything, he just pulls of and stairs up at me and purses his lips shut. TMI but i even slighlty smack him with by breast and he could care less. lol Truman would suck all day long if I would have let him. Maybe thats why Emmett isnt as good at night. He doesnt eat enough during the day? However he is gaining weight just fine so?
Well thats that. If you have any pointers for me getting baby Emmett to sleep longer, and eat more, please do share. oy vey being a mom can be hard, but the tender moments make up for all of it!
( I am sorry if this post is scitter scatterd, I am just writing all my thoughts out there)

A vacation!

Tyler and I are so ready for a BIG vacation. Yes we have done little mini-moons here and there, but never really anything big. Mini-moons are the best. I think  know they are the best to keep your spark alive. Even if its just for one night in your own city, its still fun to go on a little adventure with each other. Re-live the honeymoon type thing. We've been to places close by, Newport, Lake Powell, San Francisco, Park City etc. which have been so wonderful, but were ready to go a little farther.

I wont lie it was frustrating watching all these young couples just like us go to Africa, on Cruises, South America, Europe, whatever it may be. Everyone's lives and circumstances are all different when they first get married. Some people get married and have a house right off the bat and dont have to really worry about a budget. That was not the case for us.

Let me just share a glimpse. Tyler had been home from his mission for 6 months, I had been in school for 2 years. I thought I had saved a lot, but little did I know what was going to come at me hard. Well I became the supporter to put Ty through school, he worked part time too but I was the full time bread winner. That was hard since I had never worked full time in my life! Also I may mention I was making $9 an hour people, i eventually got bumped up to $10, but supporting 2 of us, plus rent, a car payment, a ring payment, and bills. Therefore my savings went out the door real fast. When single people say they cant afford to move out of their parents house, I die laughing at them inside, if I can do it supporting two of us you sure can do it alone. It was a very hard adjustment for me, and marriage in itself is a hard adjustment too. Just the little things of sharing everything really and the way you do things.
- i like the toilet paper "wrong" ( in my case it is wrong to many) but i like it to roll in the back, he likes it to roll forward--now we have a toddler who will take the end and run with it in hand pulling the whole role out. so if you come to our house you will not see toilet paper on the dispenser thing it is sitting on the counter ( totally tacky but im over it)
-toothpaste squeezing we both dont care either way but i know some have said they hate middle squeezers vs squeezing from the end
-the dishes I hate dishes anyway but loading them, i put the forks and knives down he puts them up.. -- we both dont really care though at least the dishes are getting done
- laundry the towels are washed alone by themselves -- he puts a few with a load of clothes.
-i hate soap it makes my skin dry and i use body wash-- he loves soap
-- ok got the point, i am trying to think of other little things out there but its whatever. Marriage is the best. You learn a lot I feel that first year. At least for me I did. Being cut off cold turkey was hard but the Best thing for me .
I love being independent.

Now that I have rambled back to the main topic. We are Planning a Big trip for just the two of us. NO KIDS of course. We debated many different things. We decided on the newest Cruise through Royal Caribbean. Its called Oasis of the Seas. It goes to two Virgin Islands and the Bahamas. We are stoked. Now It is a bit more pricey than other cruises but thats because it has all the bells and whistles. We have told whoever wants to come, to come along with us, but most have told us its not worth the cost. To us its still worth it Why?
To go to New York City for a week.. The cost it is for us to do the cruise for a week compared to the cost of everything to do and stay in NYC would put us in hotel room in the heart of NYC in a safe area for the week. That doesn't include our food, Broadway shows, SHOPPING, entertainment, transportation etc. Yes we could stay outside of time square, and take the subways into the city. If your unaware though staying in the heart of the city in a descent place is about $400 a night. I wouldn't care to go to NYC for a week anyways, maybe a couple of days. I am just putting the point out there. That a cruise is the way to go.
Yes yes we know about all the horrific things that have been going on with the cruise ships, which have been Carnival ships, but that is not deterring us from going.
We decided about every 5 years we will do something a bit bigger. We cant just wait until we're older and our kids are out of the house to enjoy. We have to live while were young too. Obviously we will also go on our little family trips too, I just mean for the two of us.
I dont want to feel as if I am bragging, which I hate hate hate. It is a huge pet peeve of mine. I think its inconsiderate. However I do think that a blog is a nice place to write about ones life, experiences, thoughts, etc. If you choose to read blogs its your choice and cant take offense of what people are saying and doing with they're lives that they are writing about. It is basically a journal that anyone can read. I love reading about other peoples lives, I learn a lot from others experiences. The detailed blogs are my favorite. So here's to you, my lovely followers and readers. I am going to try and start posting more. My mind is a wondering place and scattered so I will try to get better and nailing down things to write. It is therapeutic!
(if you want to join us on our cruise let me know)!!! I think itd be fun.


The months just fly by...

Emmett is 2 months! It has been a long winter but it has made time fly by for this kid. He is a pretty calm baby and I am grateful for that. I havent been as "strict" with him as I was with Truman. I think its because I am nervous if he cries for too long or too loud he will wake up Truman at night. We are getting better. It is good to let the baby cry people, sometimes they need it. Obviously everyone does parenting their own way though. I know i should post more and I always am thinking of things I want to write about just because its on my mind and what not, but I dont. O well.
Well babies are in the 25%-50% percentiles for their check up so thats great!
Emmett is definitely his own person. Every baby is different 100% .. He smiles at us often and it is the best feeling in the world. Tyler trys to get him to laugh, so i then laugh because thats not for another month or 2 or 3 lol.. But its still fun to watch cause he just grunts n smiles. We've had him in his own room since day 1. i have squeaky babies. They sound like little dolphins to me. grunting to clear their throats or squirming to settle themselves into a deeper sleep whatever it is. I love watching Emmett grow and take everything around him in. I always wonder what is going through his little mind. I am sure when he's sees Truman He thinks " o no not him again" haha Truman loves him a little too much. Were working on him not smothering him with so much of his love.

2 month Stats:
Weight: 12 lbs 4 0z
Height: 23 inches


Truman has lots and LOTS of energy. He started nursery and the first time it was a fail. Now he goes and doesnt care. It may depend on who is in there that day but still. I wouldnt know, cause I havent gone to church yet. Were playing it safe with little brother.
Truman loves to play with balls and cars, and if you turn on some music he'll dance for you its quite the show. Not to sure how we feel about it but he was introduced to Barney (by grandma), we have one dvd and even though i loved it as a kid, and still remember the songs. The one dvd is killin us. We need another, why because he says marney marney (barney) and grabs the dvd case. Otherwise its daniel tigers neighborhood which is (mr rogers music and stories but its now a cartoon) its cute. or baby einstein. or whatever is on pbs.. However not too much of the tube just try to keep it to under an hour or so a day. I say TRY because it is very nice entertainment while im helping #2
 When its too cold to go out which it has been forever I play pass back with him and make him run down the hall and back to get his energy out. He's a pretty happy kid. He has been getting the rest of all his teeth in though since January, Mullers and such. Therefore he is a little edgy and fussy. Thanks kid perfect timing with a newborn and all. He also is talking a lot more but gets frustrated which turns into whining when he cant communicate what he wants, its awesome ;) He knows how to sign, more, please and thank you. So those words we've been working on him actually saying as well as signing. This is kid makes me laugh everyday, I am excited for Emmett to be a little older so they can play together, for now I love my newborn and my toddler just the way they are.
-- apparently at trumans 15 month appointment they were a little worried about his weight since he was below the 20%  I had no idea until the doctor said today O good he is gaining weight and is perfectly average now. Last time I wrote a note to keep an eye on that. --who would have thought, I thought he always was my perfect little chunker.. The Percentages must have changed over the years since America is becoming more and more obese.

19 month stats:
Weight: 26 lbs
Height: 32 in