The Birthday Boy

So the MR. turned 25! I wanted to something like a huge shebang getaway or party. But if You know Tyler you know he DOES NOT like surprises. Very unlike me. So I still informed him we'd be doing something simple. Even then its still "big" to him. Tyler isn't big on Birthdays. I could wish him Happy Birthday give him a kiss and maybe a gift card and it'd be the same as if I gave him a cake, a cruise, a snowboarding pass, a surprise party whatever it may be. He just doesn't get what all the hype is about. Anyway for me birthdays are kind of a big deal. Tyler is starting to make me believe they aren't, but I wont give in and hop on that little train of his, he is starting to hop onto mine. His reasoning is the older you are the more it doesn't matter. I said come on TY were no OLD yet geez lol. I mean I expect at least some candles to blow out people! I like it when there is actually some thought into it. I mean You could just write me a letter and I'd be quite flattered. SO ANYWAY.
On Saturday we went to dinner with some friends to Texas Road House. Tyler got the honor of sitting on the saddle. It was funny. Then half of everyone came back to hour place to talk eat more food aka dessert, and play games. It was fun. Then on his actual birthday it was just us and the perfect day for him, minus the fact that he had to work. I am so grateful for Tyler and all his hard work to make it possible for me to stay home with Truman. Its such a blessing. Here are some pictures from the weekend.
Happy Birthday Tyler James Hardy!

Uncle Parker and Truman

The Two booths. There was too many of us to fit at one booth so we sat back to back

We are family 

Ice cream

Tyler completely embarrassed but loving it!


Make a Wish

YAY he's a quarter of a century old.

Truman enjoyed Tyler's balloons more than he did but that's OK.

Love this kid. any guesses on that eye color please let me know. Haha cause we have no idea. I just guess I will say grey hazel? is that even a color?

8 Months

8 Months and cruising. Seriously I love this kid. He knows when a camera is in front of him. If he is hysterical and crying I can whip out my camera and he just stops and smiles its too funny. 
I dont have any "stats" this month since the next time we go to the doctor isn't until 9 months. So next month they will be coming your way. However we do have some new milestones. Truman now has 2 little bottom teeth, is crawling around and now has crazy rug burn on his poor knees i feel quite bad for him. But we put but cream on his knees and it helps haha. He pulls him self up on the couch and that's a funny treat to see his little eyes trying to catch ours so that we can see him. However due to this new trick of his he falls straight back A LOT.. so I am trying to not give in so much to comforting him and trying to help him to learn not to cry every time he falls since there is many more to come!
Here is his 8 month picture. which right after he decided to crawl off the chair and it was very traumatic for all. I felt soo bad. But hey i also caught the beauty of the aftermath :) 

ALLLSSSOOO: I must add that we kind of celebrated Easter early, and had a family dinner after general conference on Sunday. I saw a thing on Pinterest for making colored deviled eggs and wanted to try it. So I said I'd bring the deviled eggs and forewarned they wouldnt be like nay "ordinary" deviled eggs. So here is how they turned out. I thought they were pretty neat. They were gone like hot cakes. 

a month gone by

March completely flew by!
Truman and I went to Fresno to visit Grandma and Grandpa Hansen. To my Joy he decided to cut his first tooth while we were there.. He had a fever and was quite fussy for about half the time but that's ok. We still enjoyed the awesome sunshine, laid out poolside, and ate A LOT of yummy food. I didnt capture a ton of pictures but here are a bit.
Grandpa was awesome and got Truman to sleep so I got to enjoy Church

Loved the baby swing

Great Grandpa Winter and Truman became quite pals on the 14 hours car ride back to Utah. 

The buddies 

Great Aunt Becky blowing a bubble, Truman loved it and this is what it looked like.

Tyler's company gave us some Jazz tickets against the Kings. It was fun! and some pretty good seats i must say. Truman borrows some sound muffler ear things (i dont know what their called lol) I loved that it squished his face. We were very grateful for these beauties, without them Truman was terrified of all the noise. So they were a blessing to have too

I still cant figure out the color of this kids eyes? hazel grey maybe?

Conference weekend we went swimming in between sessions. I love going swimming, and am glad Truman is a fan of it too. This summer should be fun.