5 Months

Rolling over and over and over again. Rice Cereal Your becoming a champ at slowly but surley. I dont know exactly how much you weigh but I know your growing 50 percentile across the board thus far so I am not to worried. I am getting nervous for feeding you food. It seems like soooo much but? If only there was a guidline that told me how much what and when to feed you. sorry I guess we will learn together..(any moms out there that know of a guidline that says how much when and what to feed these little kids please fill me in) thanks! Happy 5 months Tru

Lots and Lots of pictures

Hey its been a while i realize. However I captured many pictures and will explain each one. Just in short, we went to Idaho for christmas, where there was not a speck of snow to be seen. Hello 55 degree weather it felt like we were in California. Anyway I will "let the pictures do that talking" but will explain as well.

a box of flowers and roses. I have saved all the bouquets and sweet flowers tyler has given me over the years since i was 14. As well as my bouquet from our wedding day. I just couldnt let  go. Then finally I decided a box of flowers was useless and I found myself never getting to the point of figuring out what I could do with all these beauties. so I through them out. and lets be real here flowers smell rancid after a while. So I took a picture to remember them and here they are

A very artsy feller? why yes indeed. I must brag about the fact Tyler know pottery? He took a class when he was younger and since his mom has a wheel we spent an afternoon while up there for Christmas to make a creation to hold our cooking utensils. it turned out to be a mixing bowl but hey its a start. Proud of you Ty
We gave Truman Rice cereal for the first time. I'd say he did quite well o the faces were priceless dont mind the girly bib, real men wear pink right?. (notice the wall mountings in the background. Yes my father in law is a hunter and that room is like a museum for children its awesome!

Tyler can be a tad bit overwhelmed and sensitive when it comes to changing our little man, this is proof. Suck it up ty be a man! haha just kidding love you 

can you ever capture enough pictures?

I know this is lame but apparently we had a lot of time on our hands. I wanted to feel what it was like for a child to be swaddled. SO Tyler and my mother in law Lani swaddled me I look like a mummy but ya haha.

the cousins helper Tru do tummy time

This is Samantha and she is LIGHT so we like to throw her around she was the only little girl around christmas week and oh is she a cutie.
                                                                       our little sheep
                                                          Christmas eve nativity scene
                                                              bah bahhhhh bahhh!!
                                                       little Jesus and Joseph
                                                                       first Christmas
                                                                 my two handsomes
                                                 so do men know womens sizes that a big fat NO.. well some men i should say. For a coat I am usually a size medium or Large. Now let me tell you this great christmas coat story. My father in law knew the same thing that his wife Lani (pictured above and below) wears about a size Large for coats. Did he know that Large at different stores is different no. So when he ordered this coat on the phone he told the people she's a large. So they sent a SIZE 20 people size 20. haha it was huge. we were laughing for quite sometime. it was a great christmas morning
                                                         look at how big that is!

                                         Brenan and luke with me on the quad love Idaho country
                                             Ty and I on the tramp
Tyler being himself love him.. can you believe the NO SNOW in the background
That was our Christmas Holiday and was filled with lots of fun and new adventures.. Hope ya"ll had a great one too!