We're Back

Do people really read our blog? We feel as though were not too interesting but we can pretend were totally awesome and everyone wants to "keep up with the Hardy's" just like everyone likes to "keep up with the Kardashians"
When we were at a wedding this summer a wise bunch was talking to us about "blogging" there are the ones who blog WAY TOO MUCH... the ones who do it just the right amount, and the ones who rarely ever do it.. Our reply was well what is the right amount? she said you know like once or twice a month but not every DAY and not even more than once a week.. I agree completely. I promise to update on our wondrous life more often than every 4 months. I just like reading about others especially the ones who write incredibly well and who are creative...

A blog I (Whitney) read the other day had 10 things that made her happy that day.. well here are a couple of mine.
1. driving to work the song "you'll always be my baby" by Mariah Carry came on and it took me back I was inspired to put shuffle on my I-pod the rest the day, a few were -spice girls, Hanson, and TLC.. I felt like it was my first CD boom box mix allover again.
2.Fall is almost here however its 90 degrees out.. i am excited for the leaves to fall and to wear sweaters, and pumpkin spice candles yum...
3. the fact that every birthday in my family with out fail you will have a call from at least one member of the extended family member its the greatest
4. my husband for being my #1 fan and for supporting the flag football team and BEING THE COACH.. its great, we laugh all the time
5. learning to sew valences
6.we were feeling the need to nurture so we got a fish!.. haha and Tyler had the honors of naming her Snookie
7. going on walks and scooter rides
8.being thrifty and re-doing furniture
9. all the awesome new shows this fall we are getting into
10. The fact that I attempt at wearing red or pink lipstick/ or wearing different things and I am still loved for it

-Ok it was actually a little hard to think of ten things,however I did it, lets see you try..it actually makes you feel great!
- here is a few family pictures taken recently.. It was super HOT in Las Vegas, however it helped the family bond a little better id say..