9 Months

Yes indeed the monthly new month post is here. Truman is 9 months. I am still breastfeeding him. However I am beginning to think about weaning him. 1. because he has two teeth and when he bites even your finger it HURTS..(the folowing could be TMI) but.. He hadnt bit me until a couple days ago. he nibbled but didnt bite that hard but it was hard enough of a nibble that it hurt. haha. Now i am nervous whenever i do feed him. 2. I also wouldnt mind weaning him because itd give me more of a break. However i dont want to wean until i can just wean him straight to cows milk because itd be cheaper, since i hear formula is crazy expensive. 3. i also dont want to because he eats all the calories from me which is awesome because i can eat whatever i want and the scale stays happy with me. so once i wean itll slowly just creep right back up. I love eating good food. I love to be healthy though too. but whatever. thats why i loved being pregnant and love breastfeeding. . eat whatever whenever, at least has been the case for me. because all the weight just shed right off of me and shed the inches too LOVE IT. i realize thats not the situation for all breastfeeding moms out there but ya. all in all breastfeeding is best for the baby too..enough about all that..however if any of you moms have any pointers for me for weaning a baby to formula please send them my way..

 (thank you k.o. who introduced me to ipiccy for those of you who used to use picnic for online editing and collages etc. this is the same thing she found)

Truman you are a champ. I seriously cant get enough of your smile and laughs. Lately you have been a total mamas boy and lucky for me most days cause when i want to cuddle your always willing. but when i dont and you just want me to hold you I may or may not get frustrated. For some reason you think the most convenient time is right when I am trying to make dinner :) pulling on my legs climbing in the fridge when i open it and the dishwasher, man you love the dishwasher. its like a race to close the fridge as fast as i can and the dishwasher before you grab any harmful things.. but we will work on that.. i always thought it was so cute when kids did that to their parents in the kitchen ha but now its just kinda cute ok..
You sleep 11-12 hours every night (HEAVEN on earth)...
and take two 1 1/2 to 2 hour naps one in the morning and one in the afternoon..
Thank you for being so good and happy love you.
STATS at 9 months:
Height: 29.25 inches (75%)
weight: 18.2 pounds (11%)
Head: 45cm (34%)


is this even allowed?

Guest post! is that even allowed from me? I am not sure since i am not one of those awesome bloggers that posts often and has a lot of followers. Those people are ...(i cant think of a better word for it) I stalk them everyday their just amazing. Anyway as I was blog stalking everyone i follow today I came across this beauty of a post and it made my day. little kids sure say the darnedest things. please do read i am sure it should give you a chuckle. Thank you mmeledge for posting this!

Read First:
My little sister Meghan is currently in Ecuador (serving an LDS mission) and my parents decided to take the whole family this up coming Christmas after she gets back. We are all excited, that is all of us but my little 13 year old brother Logan. Meghan has had the usual experience of getting her camera stolen, being pick-pocketed and even chased by several crazy men and we have heard all of them in her letters. While this incidents are not so fun, they seem simply terrifying to a young boy (even if he is taller than most of us).  He really does not want to go to Ecuador because he is afraid he will get mobbed or shot, and he made it very clear to Meghan in this letter that it is her fault if that happens...

I love how he calls them "little people" and then moves on to his basketball... typical. 



Lately I have been thinking a lot and i mean A LOT about timing. In many different areas, and have been wanting to write a post about it kind of in hopes for people to respond. whether people do or dont thats ok, I also just felt like writing it down. I will try to explain this as easy as possible.
Why is it that people have such strong opinions on the timing of things. here are the examples I am talking about.
1. say you are getting married before 21 what makes it right for a person to be rude about the fact the you are doing so and saying that you are " toooooo young" .. some people by 20 have experienced more than someone has in their whole lifetime or even experienced more than a person who is 30. why are they too young? If you are in love and know you want to spend forever with them why would you wait 3 years so you can be the " not tooo young, and appropriate age to the people public eye" .. it just doesnt make sense to me i guess because your still going to experience all the things you will in the next 3 years with that person, so why not be married anyway your experience is that much better, and you grow even closer as a couple.
2. why dont you have a kid yet you've been married for a bit now? Seriously ok I get it kind of. However you dont know the peoples situation they could be having infertility issues, or they just arent simply ready, or who knows their situation.
3. soo your baby is now 1 when are you going to start trying for number 2. This one i find to be thinking a lot about. I think more particularly about the following. If someone has kids that are under about 18 months apart there is it seems automatically a public view of wow they arent messing around, there just having their kids bam bam bam... I mean so what, what people think but why does this happen. if people want their kids 12-18 months a part then so be it. But also it could also be a accident  surprise to them that, that is what they will be taking on for the age gap between their kids. But then its like if the kids are spread out more than 3 years people jump to say thats TOOO far apart. As a new mom i guess i get mind boggled over it. I think if i were to be pregnant NOW i wouldn't want to tell people exactly because itd kind of be a surprise I would be excited of course but nervous since my kids would be 17 months a part. I also obviously would just be restless about what people are saying about the matter, which is stupid of me because i should NOT care what people think which i dont but it still crosses my mind haha o well.  and no i am not right now for the record

ANYWAYS those are about it for timing thoughts lol. it felt good to write it down and get it out there.. thank you if you chose to read this nonsense

rub a dub dub mr. big boy.. and the weekend

We have had Truman in the baby bath up until recently. He loved just relaxing with his big bellly in the baby bath cause he could just lay back and "zen" .. When we let him free into the big boy bath it was an all new adventure and he LOVED it. I sometimes still put him in the baby bath but for the most part he's now just our little fishy swimming around babbling up a storm. I must add about how awesome does this kids skin tone look.

I should probably blog more about all our adventures day to day, but i just write them in my journal and then on here is where i can post pictures and tell our stories. Its crazy to look back and read about them. and typing it a lot faster than hand writing and cutting pictures and glueing etc. so thank you blogger for this wonderful invention.. anyways..
We went to the capitol and walked around then walked down to a new awesome shopping area called city creek. I love it. It makes me feel like we are in a huge city almost like New York, its really not even close to anything like New York, but all that it has to offer is quite intriguing. We then went to dinner at a Puerto Rican Restraunt and it was DELISCH.! haha seriously though. we will definitely be going back.
Tyler's company get season tickets to the Jazz games, with some pretty good lower bowl seats, we went once with Truman and it was ok, but then recently went again with out him on a little date and that was fun. I love little simple dates arent they the best. For me its the simple things we do that make me just love "us" that much more.

Jazz game

at the capitol it was a little cold. ( i always hate when my ears get cold so i helped this kid out)

the three of us.. LOVE

I did a cartwheel and then regretted it afterwards. haha how sad i havent done stuff like that in seriously longer than i can remember. 

Matt and Courtney Polifka live near the capitol so we had a pit stop and swung Truman on their front porch baby swing.. which he loved!

At the Puerto Rican Place for dinner. SO GOOD

parker parker parker parker

So keeping it short. But Truman has been learning a couple new things lately. We found a phrase that just cracks him up so we caught it on tape. we say mama mama.. dada dada dada.. to get him to say it back he chooses when he wants to respond of course and wont do it on demand. but my brother Parker spent the weekend with us, and we were trying to get him to say Parker (which is a long shot but still, and truman responded on a different take, it could be the way it sounds when you say his name over and over. but o do i love when this kid laughs)
The same goes for getting him to say bye bye he likes to usually do the wave after the fact. but here are some clips

                                             ( PARKER PARKER PARKER PARKER..)

(...bye bye..)