just our luck

More recently..
   When Tyler and I have gone out to eat there is something that keeps happening to us. Something goes wrong. 
-- olive garden they told as 20 minutes, ok great an hour later we go up and they tell us they are so sorry they forgot about us!!? WHAT.. but then we just sat at the bar so no big. 
--at pier 39 pizza we wanted to try it out.. were trying to find a pizza place in Utah that is equal to or better than Me-N-Eds no luck yet. Its the crispy thin pizza style so if you know of any places TELL ME... anyways we put our order in they told us 20 minutes but that theyd bring out our salad right away. After 30 minutes No salad no pizza. We then proceed to ask and.. Yes what happened They forgot to put out order in.. so we got free bread-sticks. 
--at Wingers the waitress spilt both mine and Tyler's waters all over us literally we were soaked and Truman got wet to. ALSO the glasses broke, therefore we had to move tables. She just said sorry. I thought for sure she'd give us our asphalt pie for free or something.. NOPE.. (maybe i should have said something) 
--last night we went to Scheels mostly to walk around but then decided to have dinner there..  We ordered our food at the line then they'd bring it to us when it was ready. We sat down watched people come in after us and get their food before us. I told Tyler jokingly I think they forgot about us.. So Tyler goes up and sure enough they had forgotten about us.. 
either we are not memorable people, we are not supposed to eat out i have no idea. Is there something we are missing. 
--Now Tyler has calmed me down since being married to him. I used to get all crazy lady on you and tell you how it is and demand either a refund or something for free.. in a situation like the above. Or even I'd get crazy just in a nonsense situation that really didnt need to be a big deal. 
So now when these things happen to us If i go up Tyler will say what'd you get for free (laughing)! This is because I know if he goes up nothing really comes out of it.. except kindness and patience..  I say nothing because now i get timid about the situation and am still nice to the people who screwed us over..
So this is where I pose the question. In situations like the above what would you do. Would you get stubborn and demanding for something so that they fix and make you happier than you were already going to be, if they would have just done it right the first time? OR! would you still be kind and get nothing more out of it?
( I am sorry for my horrible spelling and Grammar.. I hope I make sense when I write.. I just write freely and dont think too much about correcting so I am sorry) 


the waiting game

I can only imagine what it feels like to go past your due date. (the following could possibly be TMI to some) 
So with Truman I came on the day of 37 weeks. Which was yesterday with this baby. I was having contractions all day but random and not consistent, so false labor braxton hicks type thing. I was dilated to a 3 at my appointment last week at 36 weeks apt, and my doctor told me if at my appointment which was today, if I was a 5 she would send me to labor and delivery.
-- because I go fast when in labor, so sending me home would be risky if I went into labor at home, i could possibly not make it to the hospital and with snow involved itd be even more of a possibility. YIKES!
Well I am now dilated to a 4. WA HOO.. Am i doing things to make it so labor will come yes. Walking up and down stairs, shoveling snow even ha, i never shovel snow. goodness today was the first time I've shoveled our pathway this season and seriously I cant wait until we live somewhere where we dont have to do that anymore. We will drive an hour to the snow thank you, and come home to our palm trees and 40 plus degree weather in the winter.
We will see if baby comes this weekend. Tyler and I initially guessed baby would makes its arrival on December 30th. (tax break)? haha but he will come when he wants to right?
I sort of wish there was a definite signal of yes go to the hospital. Such as your belly button pops out and then you know babies arrival is coming shortly within a couple hours. Not the mind games of random contractions one day and none the next? haha. I didnt have that issue with Truman though I just had full fledged contractions and delivered him within about 5 hours. This baby is playing games. Maybe I had it with Truman but I dont remember. O well. Till Baby comes this is the update for now!


4 YEARS...

I married my high school sweetheart, best friend, love of my life 4 years ago TODAY! He is one of the most amazing people I know, makes me laugh everyday, and feel so loved. I couldn't be happier. Best decision I have ever made to be with this man for Time and all Eternity.

It was a super cold day but our friends and family were troopers and had fun with us!