Heres to you

By YOU, I mean YOU friends that ever so delight yourselves in following our life. I realize i dont update much but if you follow us I am sure you have been assuming the follwing. (is whitney pregnant? i mean there has been little tidbit remarks on her posts to drop hints.) Am I right or am I right? if that is what has maybe past through your little noggin. Well let me put an end to that. The Answer is YES!


DUE January 15th 2013.

I am 23 weeks..

Its a BOY..
We are so excited about it. Our boys can be buddies and (hand me down clothes is a blessing)
Yes they'll be close about 17 months apart. I have been told from many people who have had their kids this close or closer in months they wouldn't have it any other way except that the first year is reallllly hard. So thank you for the for-warnings everyone, it is very appreciated.

We are ready and obviously the Lord knows we are able to handle it so he blessed us with our #2 a tad earlier than expected but thats OK! It'll be great. We still cant believe we even have one kid let alone that now were going to have 2. It seems like yesterday we were still in high school! crazy how time flies

Here is a belly shot ( i cant believe I am 6 months next week this little guy will be here shorter than we know)