..looking back..

8 years ago on September 17th the Tyler and I started dating in High School. Its crazy where the time goes. Now we have a child together ahh! But I must say that doesn't stop us from living our lives and doing the random things we like to do day to day. I love you Tyler and love that you like to have fun with me and make me laugh.
We enjoy bringing our little tru with us to the things we like to do. The BYU-UTAH game was an upset to say the least but our little guy was a CHAMP.
The Men
The Ladies
The BYU  Fan Tailgate crew
Mr Utah (grandpa) and Truman at the tailgate house chillin
The MR. and little MR.

--I must admit I am grateful that we followed our feelings and answer to prayer to start our little family. We have been "just us" for so long that adding another addition to "us" has been an adjustment but well worth it. It almost felt like someone was intruding in on "us" but it has been a blessing of an addition. I feel as if we wouldve waited for more than a certain amount of years it wouldve been an even harder adjustment because we wouldve been SO set in our ways.I love "us"= the now 3 of us 



Mr Truman James Hardy is now 1 month. Were pretty sure he is going to be quite the chunk and that's just how we'd like it. My great friend gave me the idea below to do for a picture each month until he is 12 months. We love our little guy.

Labor Day

This past weekend was fun. I am so grateful Tyler doesn't work weekends or holidays. His job is the greatest. On Labor day we went with some friends to a park above the capitol and the view was beautiful, and I happen to not catch a picture of the great view, however I got some randoms.

Tyler in action being funny

Miss Sara and little Milo
Gabe, mike and christian playin woofle ball

Sara and Mary

Tyler and I

Tyler playing Mr Dad with Truman

I also have just a thought. I love watching Ellen and the other day she made me laugh quite a bit. She said when you go to Olive Garden, they say "when your here your family" how are you family? If you were family you'd eat for free and you don't eat for free there.