..Happy Anniversary..

2 years ago today we were Happily married in the Bountiful, UT Temple. Its crazy how time flies. We have learned so much since we have been married.
This weekend one of my best friends got married and it was amazing. Everything the person said that married them was so true. One thing that stuck out to me he said was that ....Before your married your eyes are blind from any weaknesses one another may have, after the wedding festivities you may start to see them, but if you love each other unconditionally and have the pure love of Christ you will easily see past those weaknesses and only see their good and strong attributes. No one is perfect, marriage is not always perfect there is work as well. You learn to work together....
I once was asked -In a relationship what is most important, communication, cooperation, or consideration? I say communication because with out it your only holding your thoughts and feelings in. I have learned that ( MEN can not read our minds even though we think they can) Each day we are helping each other to be a better person than we already are. I have never been happier I love being married. Waking up to your best friend every morning, kissing them, holding their hand whenever you want, laughing and having fun, is the best..
Tyler I love you, Happy Anniversary