5 Months!

Emmett is busy. He is a lot more mobile than his brother was for sure. He is ahead of him by almost a month on everything which makes me nervous about him being an early walker. There are pros and cons to this. Truman loves to play with him on the ground for .5 seconds and is loving that Emmett is more aware and laughs at him. Soon they can wrestle and play together. In the mean time Emmett definitely holds his own when Truman sits on him or gives him hugs and his head is so heavy he can barely breathe. Its kind of funny to watch because Emmett doesnt really do anything no reaction. 
Emmett is Rolling rolling rolling everywhere. We will put him down in another room close by and next thing we know he is half in one room half in the other. Its fun! He is a happy baby and sleeping through the night like a champ. ( can i get a ya hoo! ) He smiles and coos at anyone who gives him attention. Id say the first 6 months is definitely the time it takes me to really get the swing of things with new baby. 
Happy 5 Months Emmett!