Emmett is one month today! yay.. Were are adjusting well around here. I feel like the first month is a bit rough cause of how fragile newborns are and everything. We are on a pretty good schedule so that helps a lot. January was rough to be honest, adjusting, not really seeing the sun AT ALL and healing from postpartum and healing from giving birth.. But its all great were doing better.
Emmett is gaining weight great and Truman loves him so much, a bit too much, I'd rather have that than him resenting him. I love my boys.. I am going to do the month by month just like I did with Truman. I think its fun to see how much they grow!


TRUMAN                                                                                       EMMETT

We have heard how much they look like each other! Of oh Emmett is Truman Jr... I think maybe a little. They definitely look like themselves.. But Truman seems to be a lot MORE chunky, look at that noggin haha.. LOVE THEM


A Father

I cant even begin to share how grateful I am for Tyler, and the amazing husband he is to me and father he is to our two little boys. He works very hard, sometimes longer hours a week than I'd prefer but that is ok. I am very grateful I dont HAVE to work and can stay home with our kids and be a mom. Which by the way is one of the hardest jobs. If you dont know try it you'll see.. However it is so FUN and totally worth it, I love it. I learn a lot. I am grateful Tyler is able to provide and portray what this video shows.
I am also grateful for my Heavenly Father. He has always been there to listen to anything I need to let go of and get off my mind. Even the things I dont want to talk to people about he is always there. Prayer is an amazing thing.
My earthly Father. Tim as he calls himself is a hoot. He cracks me up and I love talking to him. We are pretty close I would say. I am grateful he did the same for me as this video portrays. I never had a worry or thought about the little things like having food on the table. Now that I am a parent I understand and it makes me appreciate that much more.
This video I love and just wanted to share it. Fathers are amazing!