3 Months

Truman is still growing thats for sure. We love his rolls and chunkiness nice and healthy just the way we like it. He is pretty good at holding his own head up now too. He sleeps through the night like a champ. 10:30-8:30 for now but we will slowly get him to do 12 hours as time goes on for now 10 hours is the best! I thank Baby wise even though I am not "hard core" with it, I have taken some pointers from it do whatever is best for us and life is GOOOOD..


This year we didnt do a monster mash or murder in the dark, instead we went to the zoo with some friends. To be honest the zoo was ok since you couldnt see anything cause it was so dark, but it was still fun to be with friends, eat lots of yummy stuff and play games afterwards.We also went to a young married activity for our ward which was fun. Tyler and I were 80'S people and Truman was a little spider.

                                                      REVENGE anyone?

                                                  Milo the little monster
                                            The group at the zoo